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We get a first taste of Ford’s poshest Fiesta in turbocharged diesel form

What is it?

The latest Ford Fiesta is the first to get treatment from Ford’s premium division, Vignale. Like Ford’s other posh models, this new range-topping variant gets a hefty list of standard kit as well as a swankier cabin.

The adjustments to the exterior are discreet, with a new chrome grille insert up front and standard 17in wheels the most obvious changes. But inside, passengers sit in standard leather seats (heated in the front) and the driver holds a leather-wrapped wheel with heating. The dash and parts of the door cards are also wrapped in leather.

As standard, Vignale models get a panoramic roof, an 8.0in touchscreen with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and there's a powerful 657W 10-speaker B&O Play premium sound system. Driver assist features including a 4.2in TFT instrument cluster, traffic sign recognition and auto high beam lighting are also thrown in.

No changes have been made to the car’s drivetrain or chassis, so it comes with a choice of the same 1.0-litre Ecoboost and 1.5 TDCi diesel engines as the rest of the range. The structure itself is also unmodified, although Vignale has added extra soundproofing.

Vignale 61

What's it like?

You won’t be surprised to hear that Ford’s top Fiesta is the most comfortable. The leather seats are supportive and feature excellent adjustability, while the steering wheel’s leather wrap makes it soft and squidgy in feel.

Receiving Ford’s highest-resolution touchscreen as standard ensures that the Vignale is, in infotainment terms, one of the best-equipped cars available for less than £25k. The Sync3 system is a marked improvement over the old one, with intuitive menus and a simple, attractive design.

This premium feel continues across the cabin, with leather strewn over the dash top and door armrests. However, there are still hard touch plastics within easy reach, the most noticeable of which is the interior door handle.

Once moving, the effect of the car’s thicker soundproofing immediately becomes clear, with our car’s optional 18in wheels sending very little road noise into the cabin. This heavily contrasts with the regular car (and sportier ST-Line X), which can be dominated by tyre noise on certain motorway surfaces.

The 1.5-litre TDCi engine powering this test car is set to remain a niche choice in Britain, where the Ecoboost 1.0-litre is expected to continue to dominate Fiesta demand. But despite its predicted lack of sales impact, the diesel is a strong offering with punchy mid-range grunt and genuine pace.

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It’s also remarkably refined in this package, with almost no audible tone penetrating the cabin under normal loads. Even when worked, it produces a deep hum, rather than the mechanical rattle some rivals project, although there’s little point in revving past 3750rpm because torque quickly tails off.

With no changes to the car’s suspension or structure, the Vignale corners with the same quick responses and sure-footed damping as the regular car. While this set-up prevents the car from feeling cushioned, it makes the Fiesta feel confident and ultimately more fun to drive.

Cabin space has improved on the old Fiesta, but rear legroom falls short of the class’s best, with taller passengers likely finding the space in the back cramped. The car’s 292 litres of boot space (with the rear seats up) does at least match its arch-rival, the Seat Ibiza.

Vignale 62

Should I buy one?

The Fiesta Vignale’s mix of kit, comfort and handling makes it a great all-rounder. This package feels well suited to the diesel engine under the bonnet of our test car; however, the asking price required for the unit is less attractive.

With true premium models like the Mini Cooper, as well as larger ones like the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class, priced in this region, the Ford – even in its finest form – finds itself in a class where badge prowess and image are important.

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The Vignale’s lengthy kit list and refinement mean that in some measures it is more than a match for these German rivals. But the fact that most people will see the Vignale as ‘just another Fiesta’ may hamper its competitiveness. For those who do buy one, this will at least ensure it remains a niche choice.

Where Snowdonia, Wales On sale Now Price £21,675 Price as tested £22,720 Engine 4cyls inline, 1498cc, turbocharged, diesel Power 118bhp at 3600rpm Torque 199lb ft at 1750rpm Gearbox 6-spd manual Kerb weight 1188kg 0-62mph 9.0sec Top speed 122mph Economy 80.7mpg CO2 89g/km Rivals Mini Cooper, Seat Ibiza

Vignale 60

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ianp55 22 November 2017

Ford Fiesta Vignale

Has April 1st come early???? I thought that the Mondeo Vignale was a joke when it was announced it's price for what it is,seems ludicrous but now Ford have watered down the Vignale "concept" to include the Fiesta. A list price of near £23k for what is basically a manual Fiesta stuffed with every possible luxury seems rather optimisic to say the least, no doubt Vignale versions of the EcoSport and Ka+ are in the pipeline to further roll out this trim range even further

Lanehogger 18 November 2017

Are the quality of Ford interiors now some of the worst around?

Even using plusher materials for their Vignale models doesn't save Ford interiors which highlights just how far off the pace the standard interiors of Fords are when it comes to the quality of materials IMO. From what I've experienced in the latest Fiesta, Mondeo and S-Max they are pretty poor and I wouldn't be surprised if they're one of the worst in the business now. A far cry from the likes of the Mk 2 Mondeo and Focus for example which felt like the quality interiors that they were and justified their prices too. Sit in a current Mondeo and you struggle to work out how a car, even one that is a 5 year old design, can cost that much with such a poor quality interior. Still, this won't stop the new Fiesta being a hit because in all other respects it seems to be an excellent car and still the driver's choice.

Andrew Lee 18 November 2017


If only Ford DID offer beige interiors! Here's yet another depressingly monochrome and dated-looking scheme. Having looked at the Fiesta configurator, there seem to be no other options. Timid touches of colour (to match a few exteriors) don't count. Is this just a money-saving tactic?

catnip 18 November 2017

Andrew Lee wrote:

Andrew Lee wrote:

If only Ford DID offer beige interiors! Here's yet another depressingly monochrome and dated-looking scheme. Having looked at the Fiesta configurator, there seem to be no other options. Timid touches of colour (to match a few exteriors) don't count. Is this just a money-saving tactic?

Is it that most people prefer these safe, grey/black interiors? MINI have offered light coloured, beige interiors for years, but people rarely seem to spec them, preferring to stick to piano black and grey themes.