Throttle response is smoother, but the S2000 is the same car otherwise: thrilling at the top end of its VTEC rev range, off-form below that.
12 September 2006

What is it?

You need to be a spot-the-difference expert to identify the changes to the S2000. Beyond new 17-inch alloys and subtle interior upgrades, the only significant change is the introduction of a drive-by-wire throttle. That means Honda can offer, as a £300 option, its version of ESP.

What's it like?

Throttle response is smoother, making slick gearchanges much easier. This is certainly a welcome change, adding driver friendliness without diluting the pleasingly feisty nature of the S2000's VTEC powerplant.

Many of the car's old foibles remain, though. The steering is uncommunicative and the engine's weak low-down torque can make fast driving a constant battle to stay in the peaky power band.

When you're in the mood, though, the spine-tingling, high-revving VTEC power delivery is still engaging. Whether buyers will want the safety net of the ESP system remains to be seen: you need quick reflexes to catch the S2000 once it goes.

Should I buy one?

The S2000 offers such a different driving experience, it's likely that it will keep a loyal following of hardcore fans, leaving the posing to the premium brands. It's not without its faults and it's not everyone's cup of tea, but the S2000 still has a special appeal.


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unicorn 28 January 2021

You really have experience, thanks for this sharing! 


VickieShirley 9 October 2019

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Jon Hardcastle 10 November 2007

Re: Honda S2000

I see your using your Sunday name Victoria.

I wish I was smaller so I could fit in the S2000. Always liked the car and found it to be a decent alternative to the Porsche Boxter. Obviously it would never sell that many in comparison due to its badge. No matter what you think Porsche will always sound better to Honda.

It's about time the S2000 was replaced now.

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