More than just an electric city car and a welcome return to form

It has been a long time since Fiat has been at the top of its game, but with this new electric version of the 500, it has finally produced a winner. The exterior as well as the interior design are still as recognisable and cute as ever, but despite the retro bent look thoroughly modern. And for something as style-forward as the 500, that’s most of the battle won right there.

But it goes further: it’s also a convincing prospect to own and to drive. There are EVs with more power and more range, but the 500 isn’t entirely left behind on that score; and thanks to its tiny dimensions and tight turning circle, it fulfils its primary purpose as a city car, too. Although it can’t completely cover its city car roots, the Fiat is remarkably good to drive when you venture out onto the open road. The wide spread of prices also makes it viable both as a relatively affordable EV and as an ever-fashionable premium small car.

Not all EVs have to be two-tonne behemoths, clearly. Fiat has joined the ranks of those showing that small electric cars can be viable, and can also be fun – to look at, to sit in, and to drive.