From £239,9089

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

As this is a Ferrari – and a V12 Ferrari at that – discussion of its value or sticker price or running costs are all but redundant.

Nevertheless, as the numbers are amusing and eyebrow-raising, we’ll indulge your interest. The F12's list price of just under £240,000 is less than that of a Lamborghini Aventador and other assorted exotica, but more expensive than practically anything else. And that’s just for starters.

Supercar performance predictably entails supercar running costs, but that will trouble few buyers

No example will leave the factory (or the dealer) at that level. With its paint job alone costing over £15k, our test car had no problem whatsoever in sailing past the £300,000 barrier.

Then you have to run the thing. Ferrari’s seven-year Genuine Maintenance scheme is very good, and standard in the UK, but it won’t help you fuel or tax your F12. At current prices, the 92-litre tank will cost at least £105 a time to fill with super-unleaded and that will last for just 260 miles if you repeat the 12.9mpg average economy figure that we managed.

Start enjoying the V12’s epic performance more often, and getting it as low as 3.7mpg (our return on the track) will be no effort. Road duty will be £490 a year.

There's just one engine, one specification and limitless options: if you care about depreciation, pick from them sensibly. If not, please yourself. Budget cachet and rarity will aid residual values but high transaction prices are unlikely to, so pick options wisely.

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