22 November 2013

Flat six plays V8 and V12 in the ultimate test of the latest and best supercars. Can the astonishing traction of the Porsche 911 Turbo S compensate for the 622bhp and 731bhp offered up by the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Or will pure, unadulterated pace be too much for the 991-generation 911 Turbo on the standing quarter mile and standing kilometre? Steve Sutcliffe referees this incredible supercar drag race.

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21 November 2013
Enjoyed watching your video Steve. But please don't kill yourself for my entertainment or publicity for Ferrari. I suspect M Schumacher wears his helmet at 200 MPH

22 November 2013
200 off a standing start at knarly old Bruntingthorpe is pretty epic. I suppose the only shoot-out that's going to top this one will be the P1 v LaFerrari v 918, same time next year?

22 November 2013
A 600bhp GT-R would be nice to see in the mix too.

22 November 2013
Mighty impressive, but, up to 100mph there's nothing in it,on a runway the Ferrari murders them,and, bomb is right, the nxt obvious test is going to be mega!

22 November 2013
Not bad considering the 911 is half the price of the F12.....I bet the F12 would need new tyres after 3-4 goes at this too

22 November 2013
Though not exactly a surprise given how much more power the F12 has. Ok, so the SLS's launch control didn't work on this surface, but it would've been nice to see what acceleration times the F12 and 911 would've posted with their launch controls on.

22 November 2013
Going to get that way,as faster and faster car come round,naught to sixty won't matter anymore,nor will top speeds,now, i like fast cars,but,on the main road you can only do 60MPH,the people who can afford these cars will put them down long runways at these high speeds,if your happy with that,then fine.

22 November 2013
The Merc's efforts are very casually dismissed in the commentary, but the figures show that once the effects of the 911's superior traction off the line have diminished the SLS gives a better account of itself: it's actually slightly quicker than the Porsche to 100, is travelling faster at the quarter-mile mark and thereafter holds its own perfectly well (as you'd expect given its power).

22 November 2013
I found the sponsor message really irritating - it kept buffering and I couldn't see any way to skip it. Then I got to the end of the actual video and it became obvious why Autocar needs a tyre company as a sponsor............ Hopefully no animals died in the making of the film, but some expensive rubber must have met its end!

23 November 2013
This clip wasn't meant for grown men, right? Surely this clip was meant for spotty adolescents. What a shallow " my father is stronger than your father " stuff.


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