The the BMW Z4 certainly isn’t priced at the cheap and cheerful end of the roadster spectrum.

Options are also pricey, and it's easy to spend big sums on what we'd consider essentials, such as the sat-nav and DCT gearbox; seat upgrades are also worthwhile to improve comfort, especially if you intend to use the Z4 for longer journeys.

BMW really should include some of the excellent optional interior equipment as standard

 Set in the broader context, the Z4 has reasonable residuals, but forecasts suggest that the equivalent Boxster or SLK will protect your investment better. 

Although the 26.1mpg we averaged in the sDrive35i falls short of BMW’s claims, this is still a good result for a sports car that sacrifices no performance for the sake of its environmental conscience. The lower-powered 2.0 units are markedly better for fuel consumption, with claimed fuel consumption in excess of 40mpg.