From £91,600
Competition Pack makes the M6 feel uncannily like any other M6
Matt Prior
30 January 2009

What is it?

This is the BMW M6 Competition. The last thing we thought the standard M6 needed was a harder edge, but here we are.

BMW’s Competition Pack drops the front and rear suspension by 12mm and 10mm respectively, and adds different Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres on wider rims. It also modifies the ABS, stability control and M Differential settings to suit – ostensibly aimed at improving cornering.

From the outside you can spot BMW M6 Competition cars by the fact they have a new bonnet with ‘precision lines’ along with redesigned wheels.

What’s it like?

If I’m honest, I couldn’t tell the difference. I’m sure there is one but it’s subtle. The BMW M6 Competition still does what it always did: goes very fast, makes a dieselly noise at low revs and a proper scream at high ones. It forever dissuades you from changing gear because of a sluggardly 7-speed robotised manual that feels old-hat next to the M3's twin-clutch unit.

As for the improved cornering, it was a bit damp when we tried it, so I can’t tell you about maximum g. But I can tell you the BMW M6 Competition still understeers if you don't add much power, and oversteers easily if you do.

Otherwise, the ride is fine and the cabin still has a daft removable cupholder, but the latest generation of iDrive is very good.

Should I buy one?

Possibly. It might be a touch out of kilter with the current market, but the BMW M6 Competition remains a very pleasant car. At its core, the endearing mix of V10 engine, rear-drive and limited-slip differential remains intact.

At just over £2000, the Competition Pack maybe a little expensive, but the BMW M6 always will be.


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30 January 2009

I'm not sue this will be enough to fend off the new 500 bhp Jaguar XKR at £10k less money (£72,360) new electronic LSD, much better looking, more forgiving Mike Cross chassis and a better std spec... Bring on the Brits!

30 January 2009

I am unconvinced by the six series, and this model doesn't do anything to change my mind.

The car equivalent of the answer to a question that no one has asked.

30 January 2009

'Weight: 1,579Kg' - so that'll be a saving of over 200kg against the 'standard' M6(1,785kg, source Fantastic bargain, 'M6 CSL' for just £2K more.

Come on Matt, sort out your data. Does this ugly barge look like a 1.5t car? By the way, the CO2 fig. is 342g not 357g.

4 July 2009

I didn't know winning a Jaguar XK was so easy!!!!!! :-O However, the recent spot the ball car comp in UK says so...Do any of you have any idea about what this spotit is?

4 July 2009

You have heard right mike :D...Can you imagine one can choose from among 9 car+cash combos... And moreover, not only Jaguar XK, I have found out that the BMWs are also there in the list. I don't remember all of them :( ! You can check it out at the spotit website. There is some beer comp as well. I think its entry is free!

4 July 2009

Monty Python alert!

Spam sketch above. I'll just have eggs please and no spam.

I do not wish to spot your balls thanks. Kick them maybe....

4 July 2009

Hey Nancy are you there??? It says address not found!!! Can you provide the url please?

4 July 2009

@michael it's


@drivenfromtherearplease Wanted to know - what you meant by "I do not wish to spot your balls thanks. Kick them maybe...." ???

The bias shown by a British for a British car comp is natural and this happens all over the world and in all walks of life.

In these tough times when national pride is next to zero and it takes some patriotic flavor in order to create some good news, so be it. What is wrong with you? I am saying very nicely, that what made you call it a spam? Hope you change your mind later. :)..

Good Night... :)

4 July 2009

Thank You Nancy

Hope your dinner is over by now?

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