Currently reading: BMW M6 Competition Pack boosts performance and handling
Latest M6 models are now available with a Competition Pack, which offers a 40bhp power hike and firmer suspension

The revised BMW M6 Competition Pack is now available on the M6 Coupé, M6 Gran Coupé and M6 Convertible. The new pack brings an increase in power and torque and an incremental improvement to standing-start acceleration.

Key among the changes to the optional package is a more highly tuned version of BMW M’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine.

It now develops an added 25bhp, at 592bhp. That’s 40bhp more than the standard M6 engine. Torque has increased by 15lb ft to a new peak of 516lb ft from 1500rpm to 5000rpm.

The increased reserves are directed through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and an electronically controlled Active M Differential to 20in rear wheels that feature a new double-spoke design.

BMW M quotes a 0-62mph time of 3.9sec for the M6 Coupé and 4.0sec for the M6 Gran Coupé and M6 Convertible with Competition Pack. These are quicker than the standard models by 0.2sec in the case of the M6 Gran Coupé and 0.3sec for the coupé and convertible M6s.

BMW also claims the new Competition Pack cuts the M6 Coupé’s 0-124mph time by 0.6sec compared with the previous pack, at 11.8sec.

Along with the performance boost, the new pack brings firmer springs, dampers and anti-roll bars, changes in the calibration of the Active M Differential and dynamic stability control and more direct mapping for the electro-mechanical steering.

Top speed is limited to 155mph but can be raised to 189mph with the addition of an M Driver’s Pack.

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spqr 18 May 2015


I agree with manicm that the 6 Series is a "Chest Wig Chariot" or as Car magazine used to say "it still has the whiff of Judith Chalmers about it", but insipid compared to an S-Class Coupe? Having been in Germany recently and seen a couple of the new (unreleased) C-Class Coupes testing on the road I have to say that the S-Class coupe is destined to be confused with a C-Class Coupe very soon. I actually had a "Father Ted" moment when I saw the first C-Class Coupe thinking it was the S-Class but "Very far away". It wasn't it was a C250Cdi Coupe seen at a traffic junction about 30 yards away. The 6 Series at least has the distinction not to look like a 2 Series Coupe or a 4 Series Coupe. The Grand Coupe is very elegant more so than the CLS-Class which now looks like a large A-Class 4 door CLA. It is it's own car/design. It just isn't a very good one. It is however far better looking than the parrot grill and pseudo-911 (as long as the boot is open) look of the front and rear respectively of the old E63 6 Series.
manicm 16 May 2015

Um no...

With the new S-class coupe the 6 coupe just looks insipid, in either standard or M-guise, it's a 'chest-wig chariot' to quote Car from old. The previous 6 was a far better looking car. It's probably the worst designed BMW in the last 10 years.
Citytiger 17 May 2015

manicm wrote: It's probably

manicm wrote:

It's probably the worst designed BMW in the last 10 years.

Thats a fairly bold statement seeing as most of them of the past 10 years have been pretty awful. However it hasnt stopped hundreds of thousands of sheeple buying them

Peter Cavellini 16 May 2015


I agree with the first two posts,all i need is the cash!