Is there a more interesting car on sale today? That’s the question we found ourselves asking each other during our time with the BMW i8. And we couldn’t find ourselves answering with a negative.

The i8 is one of the most compelling cars we’ve tested in years, not only because of its fascinating powertrain and unusual but appealing dynamics but also because of how exquisitely finished it feels as a product – both inside and outside – and how easy it would be to live with.

A prodigy. Good in places where the others are brilliant; brilliant where its rivals are nowhere

That its dynamics fall short of the best we’d expect of a sports car (the balance is even a touch off for a GT car) is ultimately a minor drawback. The i8 will pinch sales from the Porsche 911, no doubt, but the Porsche remains far better to drive.

There’s the slight inconvenience of its eyebrow-raising purchase price, too. But at any cost, this is a thoroughly desirable car.