There’s no denying the BMW 3 Series coupe is a very polished product. It looks great inside and out, and offers the blend of performance and economy in its engine range that its rivals can only dream of.

But generally, what the 3 Series coupe delivers in easy performance and relative frugality it loses in the chassis' slightly wooden reactions. It’s a car that can no longer hide its age given how the new F30 3 Series saloon has come along and redefined what is possible from a 3 Series of any bodystyle.

All the firepower you’d ever need. A deeply satisfying package

That’s not to say the 3 Series coupe is to be overlooked, far from it; there are some real gems in its range.

We suspected the range-topping 335i would be good, but we weren’t expecting BMW’s first modern turbo petrol engine to be quite such a masterstroke – so multi-talented, so effortless, so sensationally quick.

Wrapped in a discreet, graceful and yet practical coupé body, you’re faced with car so deeply satisfying that it makes the £37,000 asking price seem good value.

Likewise the 335d; it boasts nearly the same levels of performance as the 335i, just with more impressive economy figures.

So despite its dynamic shortcomings, the 3 Series coupe remains wholly fit for purpose and a brilliantly conceived product. Its many owners are unlikely to disagree with that sentiment.