Smart technology, without trumpet blowing, makes this the cleanest BMW on the market

What is it?

This is the new BMW 116d, the cleanest and most economical vehicle in BMW’s range. The 116d has a CO2 output of 118g/km and a combined figure of 64.2mpg.

The BMW 116d is significant, because BMW doesn’t dress up a couple of models with a catchy name like EcoMagic and sell them at a premium. Under its Efficient Dynamics programme, BMW has a range of technologies that can be used where best appropriate.

For example the BMW 116d is fitted with an electric water pump, but not automatic grille vanes because closing off air to the intercooler is counterproductive; whereas being able to control the flow rate of the water pump is helpful.

The 116d is also fitted with electric power steering, stop-start, and low rolling resistance front tyres.

What’s it like?

I managed 47.8mpg driving as one normally would on empty and impressive country roads, which is some way short of BMW’s claimed combined figure, but perfectly respectable for everyday-brisk driving.

You don’t feel like you’re driving an eco special, either; the 1-series feels balanced and refined. All the launch cars were in Sport trim, which adds £1315 to the base price of £17,605.

Should I buy one?

As always with the 1 Series, it’s a question of how much you want the badge and the rear-wheel drive. The new BMW 116d is a sensible and sound new option that’s cheaper to tax and run than any other BMW.

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taylor1012 30 October 2009

Re: BMW 116d

All cars these days are built/engineered to pretty much ths same standards,the difference between brands is dictated by marketing,and you pay a premium for that badge,simple as that.The 116d is a decent car,but pretty expensive next to a Golf or similar.I like the clever fuel saving measures,better than stuffing it with taller gearing and be done with it,but four years done the road it will be more expensive to fix when the warranty has expired.

moe360 10 October 2009

Re: BMW 116d

thinkblueskies wrote:
Lee23404 wrote:
What an ugly, ugly car (I do concede that beauty is in the eye of the beerholder).
I enjoyed a 118d to drive, but couldn't live with the looks or lack of practicality. Maybe it's just me, but when I see two BMW 1's next to each other, I think it looks like a giant's left his clogs lying around...

All I can say is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to the 1

Steelydan 10 October 2009

Re: BMW 116d

I have decided that expensive new cars with small engines are the most disappointing to own. I now prefer to have a powerful car but to buy it second hand so that I get more for my money whilst still getting the so-called quality brands. Works for me. This is why I wouldn't touch a 116d with yours.