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Hows does the 2.0-litre TT fare with the extra Quattro grip?
20 July 2009

What is it?

Audi introduced a quattro four-wheel-drive variant of the 2.0-litre TFSI engined TT a few months ago but this, in its most popular S-line trim, is the first time we've driven it.

The 2.0 quattro TT gets twin-clutch transmission as standard (instead of being a £1420 option), while S-line trim adds some body addenda including a new grille treatment and 10mm lowered suspension, plus 18-inch alloys.

Inside, if it's an S-line you'll know it by some aluminium trim, embossed seats and a three-spoke steering wheel.

What's it like?

It's a lot like other Audi TTs, you'll be entirely unsurprised to hear. That's no bad thing in the TFSI's case – with its relatively light engine this is one of the more agile and engaging TT variants anyway, although the 18- rather than 17-inch wheels don't do its ride any favours.

Otherwise this quattro version feels all but identical to the front-driver most of the time, because its clutch only apportions significant levels of power to the rear when the fronts begin to lose traction – which the ESP system counters anyway.

If you regularly drive on snow or ice or very wet grass then you'll feel it a tad more often.

Should I buy one?

I can think of lots of decent ways to spend £2790. Using it to turn a perfectly decent front-wheel-drive TT into a perfectly decent four-wheel-drive automatic one doesn't really figure.


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30 July 2009

What a short review!

Oh and the model shown in your pics is not an S-Line. Its the standard model.

This is the S-Line:

30 July 2009

" What a short review!"

sir what review what it that you read? I saw no review? No need to review cars anymore. J

30 July 2009

Short perhaps because all Audi have done is add weight and an Auto.

Very clever.

31 July 2009

It was short and sweet, but from what I can see justifiably so.

This car is bought on a vanity basis, not because of the merits of its four wheel drive performance as was said in the report. When the standard model rides better handles just as well and will have the same traction 99% of the time it is a "whats the point" sort of car.

3 August 2009

[quote TegTypeR]When the standard model rides better handles just as well and will have the same traction 99% of the time it is a "whats the point" sort of car.[/quote]

Perhaps, but remember, Autocar isn't read just in the UK. A very large proportion of Audis sold in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria etc are Quattro because of snowy winters. I haven't driven the new TT, but I drove both the FWD 180 BHP and the 4WD 225 BHP versions of the previous model in the wet. You simply cannot channel 200 BHP effectively through the front wheels only on a wet surface, the traction control will work overtime and it feels clumsy.
The review is short and sweet and I can't help but wonder if the test drive was short and sweet also, ie. was the car driven with a bit of gusto in the wet (certainly a condition that is frequently present also in the UK) and compared with the FWD version ?

3 August 2009

audi tt 2.0 quattro - seems like the perfect base for a rally car.

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