The Audi TT RS is a very alluring car now that the promise of truly dramatic performance Iies wrapped within its shapely shell.

And the turbocharged five-cylinder engine certainly delivers it in spades, thanks to the RS’s excellent grip, traction and stability.

Hot TT RS is still not the sports machine that it could be

But in a market packed with buyers focused on buying the best, the TT RS lacks the finesse of the Cayman, while the brilliant dynamic subtleties of its R8 brother are missing, as they are in virtually every lesser Audi.

That’s a real disappointment, especially when the company has gone to the trouble of reinventing a blown five-cylinder engine to go with it.

The RS’s jostling ride, deadened responses and heavy high-speed steering lose it the dynamic edge that a car of this calibre ought to offer, and never mind its engine’s unrelenting energy.

It gets closer, this TT, but it’s still not the sports machine that it could be.