With the latest Audi TT, it would be virtually impossible to match the impact the original design created. It was the difficult second album, but Audi’s designers have moved the game on cleverly.

As you approach it, the high shoulders, curved roofline, clamshell bonnet and geometric wheelarches tell you this could only be an Audi TT, but the more you look at it, the more you realise that every panel is quite different from its predecessor. It’s longer, wider and taller, and a hefty portion of the old design simplicity has been traded for a more aggressive but arguably less beautiful form.

Attention to detail is as good as on a car that costs twice as much

However, several features make this TT more than merely the ambitiously reskinned Volkswagen Golf the original car was. Although still very much a part of the same VW Group platform family, the current TT benefits from a variety of bespoke features intended to enhance its dynamics. For example, its body is unusual for being 69 percent aluminium and 31 percent steel, in the quest both to save weight and to achieve a more favourable weight distribution. 

In our view it is best to opt for a metallic finish to better display the sculpting and disguise the rather tubby profile view of this car. Solid colours may lend the shape a sporting flair, but they can hide the subtle shaping of the metalwork, such as the crisp shoulder line, the hollowed-out sides and the way the rear bumper subtly ‘grows’ out of the bodywork. 

The rear aspect is particularly smooth, especially as the spoiler is now hidden in the bodywork and only raises at speeds over 75mph to prevent lift over the rear axle. Together with a mainly flat underbody, this work has achieved a an impressive drag coefficient of 0.30.

The hottest RS model has deeper sill skirts, matt aluminium mirror housings and a fixed rear spoiler.

Roadster models, with their fabric roof, don’t quite carry the look off as well as the coupé in our view, especially from the rear.



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