Changes are successful and add to driver enjoyment, but at nearly £30k the DTM is too expensive.

What is it?

Even if you remember/realise/care that an Audi A4 walked off with the silverware in last year’s German touring car (DTM) championship, you might still be surprised to learn that the company has dreamed up a special edition to commemorate the fact. And here it is

It doesn’t look all that DTM, though. From the outside, it’s far removed from an outlandish-looking racer. That said, the subtle exterior mods – carbonfibre rear wing and front splitter, 18in alloys, new bumpers and a larger exhaust – do add a hint of purpose to the A4’s appearance. Mechanical changes are rather more significant.

What's it like?

The DTM’s 2.0-litre, turbocharged direct-injection engine has been uprated from 197bhp to 217bhp, while the suspension has been dropped by 20mm and gets unique spring and damper settings. Four-wheel drive is standard.

The engine is powerful and smooth throughout the rev-range, while the six-speed manual gearbox is slick and accurate. The suspension mods are effective, too – the A4 is still a little uninvolving, but the steering is responsive, body control is respectable and it corners competently.

Inside, along with the obligatory carbonfibre trim, there are new Recaro seats, part-trimmed in leather, part in ‘Nardia microfibre’, which feels just like suede. The steering wheel and gearknob also get Nardia trim, which adds plenty of tactile quality to the driving experience.

Should I buy one?

Only 250 right-hook A4 DTMs will arrive in the UK, which may have something to do with the race series’ relative lack of profile over here. Then again, the steep £29,980 asking price may have something to do with it, too.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior
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steve.price 31 July 2008

Re: Audi A4 DTM

very overpriced Better to purchase a 2.0T QUATTRO in S-Line spec and have it chipped for £500. You end up with a nice 250 BHP 'runaround' and save £4K in the process