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New PCM 6.0 operating system brings new apps, revamped display and adaptive music service concept
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17 June 2021

Porsche is expanding its connectivity features with stronger links to mobile devices, including implementing a new infotainment system. 

The new Porsche Communication Management (PCM) 6.0 system features a new display and operating system plus new features such as natural voice control, intelligent navigation, integrated streaming and Android Auto. 

A basic version of PCM 6.0 was used for the first time in the Taycan, and Porsche plans to fit the 911, Cayenne and Panamera with the system soon.

“PCM 6.0 is certainly a big step we’re taking again. The look and feel is new; it’s tidier, it’s more intuitive,” said Martin Bayer, Porsche’s software engineer for connected infotainment.  

“Personalisation is very important for us. We offer very individual settings for each individual Porsche customer; that means they have the option of configuring both the menu bar and the launcher themselves. They can drag and drop the controls they use most often into the launcher and customise it to a very high degree.”

Another key feature that will be introduced is the integration of Apple Music, which will allow customers to save a song they hear on the radio to their own personal playlists. 

The German firm says the new features will be linked together through the Porsche Connect app, which allows drivers to check vehicle data and remotely operate certain vehicle functions, including navigation information and convenience features. 

Drivers can also display their phone calendar on their infotainment screen and remotely park the car using the app. 

The Porsche Connect app will integrate with a free race-circuit-training app called Porsche Track Precision, which drivers can use to record, analyse and display driving data from their own laps driven from 300 race circuits.

The 718 and 911 models will have access to the app, and Porsche plans to expand it to further cars. 

“All you need to use the Track Precision app is a Porsche, your phone and a race track. The motivation for the app was that we noticed customers were recording more and more," said Eduard Schulz, head of Porsche’s Connect Car apps. 

“It was clear to us, seeing as we had the vehicle data, that we could fuse it with video and have an attractive telemetry system on the smartphone.”

Customers can also link up GoPro cameras to the system. 

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Also announced was an adaptive music system, called Soundtrack My Life, which offers individual music specific to the driver’s current route and driving style in real time.

Porsche says a future function might be able to curate soundtracks based on the driver’s mood, based on habit data and time of day.

No release date has been revealed for the system, but Porsche says the core technology is in place for a potential release soon.


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Tonrichard 20 June 2021

Does anyone know when we can expect an update for the 718 Boxster and Cayman? Button heavy and small SatNav/Infotainment screen looking decidedly dated compared with the 992 and other Porsche models. Interior long be left behind by the Audi TT. Has held me off buying. Quite like the prospect of some hybrid option as a power boost but I guess that is going to have to wait for the next generation.

Peter Cavellini 19 June 2021

Citytiger@, I don't listen to music in the Car,and yes, I notice that most infotainment systems are same setup, I agree, playing engine sounds through the speakers is terrible, so, want to hear the Engine sounds?, flick the Window, and listen, or buy one from the 2000-2010 era.Oh, by the way,bit sexist dissing the females.

Deputy 19 June 2021

@Citytiger - first paragraph states that Android Auto now to be added (finally).  Still not as bad as BMW was of course, which had the crazy situation where an Android Phone could be used as a key but only Apple phones could link to the infotainment!  (I also recall reading on another tech article that Porsche focussed on Apple as 87% of Porsche buyers had iPhones)