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Under the skin: Get ready for a sea change in EV battery technology

Sodium ion battery chemistry could prove a more environmentally-friendly alternative to today's lithium-based cells

20 September 2021
Technology news

Under the skin: How touchscreens give haptic feedback

As the debate continues around the usability of touchscreens, Nissan is developing ways to overcome the issues

13 September 2021
Technology news

Under the skin: The various ways cars can get geared up

The manual gearbox gets enthusiasts fired up, but what about the other transmissions?

6 September 2021
New cars

Autonomous Volkswagen ID Buzz revealed ahead of 2025 launch

Self-driving version of forthcoming retro-themed electric MPV features technology developed by Argo AI

5 September 2021
Electric cars

Hyundai reveals self-driving Ioniq 5 'robotaxi'

Hyundai teams up with Motional for level four autonomous taxi scheduled for public roll-out in 2023

1 September 2021
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Under the skin: Bentley's amazing carbonfibre wheel

Six years in the making, Bentley has shaved 6kg off its old aluminium alloy with a new carbonfibre composite

30 August 2021
Technology news

Under the skin: meet the 10kg hydrogen engine

We examine the lightweight hydrogen engine developed by an Israeli firm

23 August 2021
Electric cars

Tesla could offer self-driving technology to rival brands

Move to open-source software would allow car makers to bypass prohibitive development costs

20 August 2021
Electric cars

Under the skin: How Volvo will get the most out of lithium ion batteries

The Swedish manufacturer has a plan to make its next-generation batteries more energy dense, boosting EV range

9 August 2021
Technology news

Under the skin: Why the Lotus Emira's four is more exciting than its V6

The Lotus Emira’s M139 engine is hand-built by Mercedes-AMG on a ‘one man, one engine’ basis

2 August 2021