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Luca di Montezemolo and Sergio Marchionne say Ferrari's future plans involve only sports cars, not four-door or SUV models
Andrew Frankel Autocar
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3 October 2014

Ferrari has ruled out including either an SUV or any four-door car in its current product plan.

Speaking at his last press conference before leaving the company, the outgoing president Luca di Montezemolo – and also Sergio Marchionne, who will replace him on October 13th – dismissed the idea.

"Marchionne wanted to build a truck," said di Montezemolo almost certainly in jest, "but I talked him out of it." For his part Marchionne said Ferrari would continue "to make two-door sports cars not SUVs or four-door cars."

The news comes on the same day Ferrari moved to also to kill rumours of a Ferrari motorcycle, prompted by a patent application applicable to a Vee twin engine.

Marchionne also looked to quell stories that he was looking to increase volumes from the current level of 7200 cars per year to around 10,000 units, saying he was happy with production levels as they are.

Talking about his plans for the company, Marchionne denied there was any strategy for integrating Ferrari into FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), going so far as to say "the mixing of their blood would be fatal to both".

He claimed his most important priority was to return Scuderia Ferrari to the top of Formula 1, a goal he described as a "non-negotiable objective."

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The magnificent four-seat, four-wheel drive Ferrari is a hypercar carrier of four unrivaled in ethos or execution

3 October 2014
That would be quite cool! A Ferrari monster truck though!

It seems pointless to spoil and already very profitable organisation when you can push SUV, trucks, Scooters, mobility vehicles, army tanks, ice cream vans through the FIAT brands that have done nothing but contributed pain to the balance sheet. Simply engineered in conjunction with Ferrari should help bolster other FIAT subsidiaries.

3 October 2014
Can you imagine the potential of Ferrari teaming up with Zanussi and making a battery c1 Scuderia 0 to 30 in 50 seconds top speed 35mph priced at under £50k with a full on range of 3 miles( on a sunny day )It would be a topless car and very light.. Would also be able to air dry clothing as a bonus.

3 October 2014
Can somebody please make sure Bentley and Lamborghini bosses read this piece of sheer motoring news. Too late for Porsche though! They've gone too far down the road to SUV-isation. So far that soon folks will know Porsche for SUVs than sport coupes.


3 October 2014
well Fadyady, you might not like the prestige manufacturer's building SUV's, but you must remember that if it weren't for the Cayenne Porsche might have gone down the pan! Despite the Dealers almost unanimously decrying the idea the car created huge chunks of profit for Porsche at a time when they were very much in the red. In short it saved their bacon.
Also , you must remember that some of the most prolific buyers of supercars are from the middle east and they love the idea of supercar SUV's....Lambo have obviously been down this road before with the LM002, which is still highly prized in the middle east and most of the super rich there have an example in their collection.
All manufacturers are in business to make a profit, and this is one revenue stream they cant afford to ignore...I don't trust Marchione, and I am sure he will follow suit.

3 October 2014
I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if this was all twaddle and that Marchionne plans to expand Ferrari in to new classes. After all, he was critical of LDM for wanting to limit numbers and maintain a small model line-up in order to preserve the brand and not exploit Ferrari for the benefit of Fiat Chrysler. A high end sports saloon is fine as long as the Ferrari values are retained (it's worked with a quasi estate in the FF) but I suspect that a Ferrari SUV will appear at some point in the future and that may just be the start.

3 October 2014
Is there any Ferrari strategist here who can remind me of how much business PORSCHE is generating through its consulting business and what is the impact of this on its bottom line ?

3 October 2014
Has everyone forgotten that from the 993 on, Porsche's sports cars have been highly profitable in their own right??? The Cayenne has made a lot of money -- no question -- but the notion that it was the SAVIOR of Porsche and that it's NEEDED to support the continued building of sports cars is the company line -- because that's the only way it would be accepted. And it's simply untrue! Porsche sports cars make money, and have been since about 1995. Let's not forget that the Cayenne was the central product in Porsche's strategy "to ensure its independence and continue to be able to build sports cars" -- and its attempt to take over VW. Which failed. Spectacularly. Is Porsche independent now? NO. Is the Macan "necessary" to be able to continue building sports cars? NO. Will there be a sub-Panamera sedan? Yes. Is it needed to be able to build sports cars? NO.


4 October 2014 are wrong.
Porsche took a real dive in the early 90's and built up huge debts. It almost foundered.That's why Wiedeking was installed as CEO to get the company back on track.
The 993 may have been profitable, but there was no way one small production sportscar was going to reverse the dire situation.
Within a year of launch of Cayenne in the US, Porsche had paid down its debt to a modest figure, and amassed significant cash reserves.
Put simply, the public's thirst for SUV's which are still fun to drive allows Porsche to continue to produce excellent sportscars.
Remember, many Porsche owners also had/have a practical SUV in their stable as well...may as well relieve them of their money in the process of re-enforcing their brand loyalty.

3 October 2014
I guess that's why they have Maserati, Alfa Romeo and JEEP. Before too long, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Maserati Quattroporte, Maserati Levante, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Chrysler 300

3 October 2014
Generally when a manufacturer says that, several years later it sells SUV and sedans...


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