Currently reading: Volkswagen revises diesel line-up in Australia amid WLTP availability issues
Company says the action, which takes effect from October, is not related to Dieselgate

Volkswagen will suspend multiple diesel engines from its line-up in Australia, starting in October, although it claims that the decision is not related to the Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal

At present, the only diesel engines the company sells in the country are the 110 TDI in the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen Tiguan, the 135 TDI in the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and the 140 TDI in the Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Passat Alltrack. 

Motoring reports that Volkswagen Australia boss Michael Bartsch insisted the decision was nothing to do with Dieselgate, saying: “Any decision about dropping diesel here is not driven by the emissions issue; it is an issue of what we can get out of Germany.”

Bartsch instead claimed that the move was intended to simplify Volkswagen's line-up, although the introduction of WLTP has added fuel to the fire. Volkswagen, which is facing demand issues with the engines amid WLTP, could reintroduce the engines later, but hasn't speculated when this may be.

In addition to the diesel lineup tweaks, Volkswagen will no longer offer Australian buyers the 110 TSI petrol engine in the Golf and Tiguan. 

Diesel engines were previously dropped from the Passat, while the Jetta was discontinued in right-hand drive form and the petrol-only Volkswagen Arteon replaced the CC, which had been offered with a diesel powertrain. 

Aside from commercial vehicles, the Tiguan Allspace and new Touareg SUVs will be the only diesel Volkswagens available in Australia.

Sales of diesel vehicles Down Under have been increasing in recent years, claims Motoring, with oil-burners accounting for 22.2% of the national parc in 2017.

Elsewhere in the world, Volkswagen continues to offer diesel models across its range. Other manufacturers have turned against diesel, including Volvo, which launched its last car to be offered with a diesel, the V60, earlier this year. The new S60, due on sale in early in 2019, will be the first car in Volvo’s post-diesel era. 

Australia's diesels take a total market share of 33%, although this includes light commercial vehicles including utes and small vans. The figure remains unchanged over 2017. 

A Volkswagen UK spokesman was unable to give further comment.

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fadyady 7 August 2018

Broken record

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, where are the hybrids and electric cars that can end this argument once for All?
Jeremy 7 August 2018


a more accurate title for this item would be "VW Australia drops some diesels and some petrols from their line-up". Hardly ground-breaking when put like that though, is it?

JFCW 7 August 2018

Bit of a misleading title

Bit of a misleading title there lads. VW here in Australia killed the Golf 110TDI (that’s the 150bhp 2.0TDI), Golf Alltrack 135TDI (180bhp 2.0TDI) and the Tiguan with the 110TDI and 140TDI (190bhp 2.0TDI) engines due to low demand and long waits out of the factory - but diesel-powered models remain and will do for some time. The Touareg is diesel-only, same with Amarok and Crafter and the Tiguan Allspace gets the 110TDI and 140TDI engines. As for Golf 110TSI - that’s the only engine in the non-sports Golf range now, so it’s not been dropped just yet.