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Another saloon succumbs to SUV pressure as Volkswagen cuts the Jetta from its range

Volkswagen has discontinued the Volkswagen Jetta, leaving the Volkswagen Passat as the sole surviving saloon in the brand’s UK line-up. 

The slow-selling Jetta shifted just 379 units between 1 January and 1 October in the UK, compared with 5398 Passat saloons and 52,722 Volkswagen Golf hatchbacks. A new version is coming next year and will be revealed at the Detroit motor show, although this is likely to be biased towards other markets, given stronger sales there. A VW UK spokesman wouldn't comment further upon this. 

New Volkswagen Jetta introduces sharper look and eight-speed auto

A Volkswagen UK spokesman attributed the discontinuation to the car reaching the end of its life cycle. Furthermore, with a growing SUV segment, rising popularity of the Golf and the Polo increasing in size, customers have been looking elsewhere besides the increasingly unfashionable saloon segment. 

Although it has not been confirmed as going out of production by Volkswagen globally, the Jetta is also absent from the brand's German site, suggesting the model could be axed more widely.

As with the recently discontinued Scirocco, whose sales were 10 times more than the Jetta achieved in the same 10-month period, there are a number of Jettas still in the dealer network as Volkswagen clears the final units. This is unlikely to be more than a few hundred, however.

Orders closed for the Jetta in September. This leaves the Beetle as the slowest-selling Volkswagen model in the range, with 1344 units sold between January and October. Volkswagen executives have already suggested that the hard-top Beetle may not be long for this world


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The Volkswagen Jetta has a big boot, pleasant dynamics and good pricing, but is a bit dull

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Marv 8 November 2017

Lacked Desirability

I think the Jetta failed to sell due to a complete lack of desirability;

Family sized hatch based saloons are not popular in the UK

They are usually associated with older drivers

They make decent taxi's (but cheaper options are available)

The engine range was piddling and would not entice anyone but the most practical of thinkers

I bought the previous version 2nd hand in 2.0 TDi SE form(it was cheaper than the equivalent Golf) as it made a brilliant motorway car, that I had no qualms about putting high miles on, but I can say, I never looked back at it in admiration of it's looks after driving it.

xxxx 8 November 2017

We're not the center of the Earth. 2016 figures

Still sells 350,000 in China and 120,000 in US. Which is MORE than half of ALL Skoda WORLDWIDE sales.

japes 7 November 2017


A sad day indeed. Such crisp anonymity. Such epic blandness. There few cars left with so few reasons to actually purchase it. Ah well, another one bites the dust. Farewell Jetta. Zzzzzzzzzzz.....