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Limited-run reborn classic will see just 56 cars produced for British buyers, priced at around £20,000
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16 September 2020

The Mini Moke is returning to the UK market 56 years after it first hit the road.

Moke International, the British company that owns the Moke trademark and is the sole global supplier of the recreational vehicle, has outlined first details of a highly limited model destined for the UK, priced at around £20,000 before taxes and delivery costs.

With just 56 examples set to be built for Britain, the new Moke shares much of its chassis design with the original Austin Mini-based vehicle but features uprated suspension, a new 66bhp 1.1-litre four-cylinder engine, improved brakes and the option of a manual or automatic gearbox.

Fitted with the four-speed auto, a top speed of 68mph and fuel economy of 34mpg is promised. It meets only Euro 4 emissions standards, however, because low-volume vehicles of this type don’t need to meet the same requirements as mass-produced models. 

Moke’s new creation is also slightly larger than the original to increase passenger space - though no dimensions are given. What's more, features such as power steering and a heated windscreen are fitted as standard, unlike on the original. 

Fourteen paint colours are offered, while a special Moke56 model gets chrome detailing and a numbered plaque.

Moke has been established since acquiring the trademark for the car in 2015. It’s run by Isobel Dando, formerly of BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. Cars are engineered in the Midlands and then shipped to Cerizay, France, for final assembly.

Until now, the company has been satisfying the Caribbean market, where the Moke is popular with resorts and private buyers alike. But now that British regulatory approval has been granted, Moke has plans for additional build numbers for Europe, the US “and beyond” in 2021.


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16 September 2020

it looks wrong, like a kit car replica that they changed a bit to avoid copywrite. Engine is a Chery SQR472F

16 September 2020

How terrible, they have totally ruined the character and simplicity of the front end.  Buy a cool Aussie Moke California or an original from the '60s...

17 September 2020
Expression wrote:

they have totally ruined the character and simplicity of the front end.

I hadn't noticed until I looked at the original which they've put on their own website, thereby drawing attention to the fact that they've spoilt it.  Why couldn't they have left it alone - or were the changes necessary to accommodate the new engine?  And why that engine? - some obscure puny little unit!


16 September 2020

How the hell this has made it through type approval I dont know....I take it the 'scaffolding' is supposed to cover off side intrusion?!

It looks a mess and at £26-27k tax paid for a flying bedstead (plus scaffolding) .......

Why engineer here and then ship to France for assembly costly and not very 'green'' ?

If you are going to assemble in France why not just resurrect the Mahari?

16 September 2020

Slow, dirty, thirsty, ugly, unsafe and expensive. Wow.

16 September 2020

But then saw the facts. 

Shame as I love the original Moke - a modernised version with a realistic price tag could have been great. 

You might as well just buy a brand new Mini convertible instead.


16 September 2020

Shouldn't it have a French flag on it if it's made in France?

16 September 2020
And in spite of all its short comings it'll sell. Is there a car out there that connects to the outside as much as this.
Plus, there only need be a tiny fraction of people who dare to be different to sell out the first batch, and then some.

16 September 2020

this has been randomly going around in my head all day, it's like (to me at least) they've done it wrong on purpose, or on the cheap in the hope that nobody would notice. They could have got a load of kei parts from Honda or Suzuki, redesigned it around those in all aluminium, actually brought it up to date. If they plan ahead with the redesign there's plenty places to hide electrification parts for future-proofing. But no, change all the dimensions and have to redesign everything anyway, making it ugly in the process, and throw a Chery engine in. I don't get it.

16 September 2020

I thought Aston Martin have made another Cygnet.. 



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