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Mini is working on a production version of its Beachcomber concept

BMW is working on a production version of the Mini Beachcomber concept, first revealed last December.

Company sources say two versions of the Beachcomber are on the drawing board at the Mini design studios in Munich.

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One is close to the concept and known internally as the Moke. The other is a shorter, three-door version dubbed the Canyon Coupé.

The two cars are being considered alongside the sporting Countryman coupé, revealed by Autocar on 1 September. The starting point for the new Moke is a pillarless version of the new Countryman platform, which is also intended to underpin the next-generation Mini Clubman.

The pillarless design will enable the fitting of rear-hinged rear doors on both sides of the car, addressing criticisms (from right-hand drive countries such as the UK and Japan) of the current single-rear-doored Clubman.

Although the raised sill on the Beachcomber concept was, apparently, sufficient to meet most side impact regulations, the production Moke proposal has four proper doors, with the rear doors rear-hinged.

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Insiders say the Moke’s tough-look styling and raised ride height are very close to what was seen on the Beachcomber. The five-door Moke has been inspired partly by Honda’s Element Crossover, which has a similar pillarless layout.

The Moke would not be quite as capacious as the boxy Element, but it could get lift-out roof panels that, combined with frameless doors and a wind-down hatchback window, would allow the car to be substantially opened to the elements.

The other proposal — the Mini Canyon Coupé — is a rugged three-door interpretation of a ‘beach car’.

This concept is based on a shortened Countryman platform, using a conventional three-door, four-seat layout and the same All4 all-wheel drive system. Mini’s designers are said to be considering a permanent roofbox-style luggage space arrangement.

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Inspiration for the Canyon is said to come from the three ‘Canyon Carver’ sketches by BMW’s California-based Designworks studio, which were revealed at the 2005 LA motor show. A decision on giving the green light to either the Moke or Canyon Coupé is expected by the start of next year, partly to allow bosses to gauge the initial sales of the Countryman.

A decision on the Countryman coupé is said to be further away.

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michael knight 23 October 2010

Re: Mini to bring back the Moke

275not599 wrote:

I do sometimes question my own motives and impulses, so I ask myself why do I not like this Moke; in fact, why would I be reluctant to be seen dead in it? I think it's because it seems to me to be all about vapid, hey-look-at-me style, whereas the original Moke seems merely utilitarian. Nobody could accuse Issigonis of being style-conscious; if anything he was inattentive to what people might want, as opposed to what he wanted to make.


Though his maverick style would never float these days; the marketing department would have sidelined him.

Old Toad 19 October 2010

Re: Mini to bring back the Moke

Correct about the formula coming shortly the : Corpulent , Costly , Cumbersome , completely ridiculous cars to kill the original brand ethos .

thebaldgit 18 October 2010

Re: Mini to bring back the Moke

You say that BMW is working on a production version of the Mini Beachcomber concept with another option being a three-door version dubbed the Canyon. I have a sneaking suspicion that this may make it into production as it begins with C. Cooper,Countryman,Clubman I think I spy a formula appearing here.