Currently reading: Tamo Racemo culled in aggressive Tata cost-cutting
'India’s first connected car’ would have used a 190bhp turbocharged engine, but management has ended the project before its launch

The Tamo Racemo, a sports car that arrived at the Geneva motor show as a future rival to the Mazda MX-5, will not reach production due to heavy cost-cutting measures undertaken by parent company Tata.

The Indian car maker's sub-brand had created the 190bhp car, which used a turbocharged petrol engine, to be its first 'aspirational' model. It is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in 6sec, making it 1.3sec quicker than the most potent MX-5.

Insight: Tamo's first sports car, the Racemo

However, Autocar India has indicated that shrinking profits for Tata have convinced the company's management to cull non-core products and practices. Planned investment for the Tamo brand, which was estimated at about £30 million, has been halted and Tata has also pulled out of the 2018 Geneva motor show - suggesting its growth plans for Europe will also be hindered.

Jaguar Land Rover is the only Tata automotive brand to have turned a profit. The Indian-funded British business sold more than half a million cars for the first time last year and the recent launch of models such as the Range Rover Velar and Jaguar E-Pace is predicted to accelerate the company's growth.

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Venturi288 3 August 2017

Hands up all those surprised

Hands up all those surprised it didn't make production?

Soakee 10 March 2017

MX5 rival?

ANY MX5 rival would need a convertible top - and I don't see a convertible top on this car.
Viscount Biscuit 10 March 2017

It looks more of an Elise

It looks more of an Elise competitor at (presumably) MX5 or less prices. And that's the issue. As a regular traveller to India I'd take a wild prediction that the thing will rapidly unpick itself at the seems, any electronics will be almost correctly fitted and it's probably best not to close the doors too hard.