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Exclusive SVO-built two-door Range Rover could be on the way, hints Land Rover design chief Gerry McGovern

Land Rover is considering another entry into the burgeoning super-luxury SUV market, with design boss Gerry McGovern hinting that an exclusive two-door, SVO-built Range Rover could be on the way. 

Reports from confirm that when asked about the brand’s intentions for the segment, McGovern said: “Watch this space. I can’t say when or what, but there are opportunities. We have proven with Range Rover that there are opportunities to offer derivations of these vehicles, to offer them in a way to bring something new to the market.”

The brand also patented the Range Stormer name earlier this year; the original Range Stormer was a concept revealed at the Detroit motor show in early 2004 as a muscular two-door prelude to the Range Rover Sport, which entered production later that year.

Land Rover has a history of two-door models. It currently sells the two-door Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Evoque Convertible, while the original Range Rover was produced in two-door form. There was also the limited-edition Range Rover CSK, which paid tribute to Charles Spencer King, the car’s original designer. 

McGovern alluded to SVO’s involvement in the project, saying: “The good thing with SVO is that it's a self-funding business, so there are opportunities within SVO that don’t necessarily have to be mainstream and small-volume [vehicles] lend themselves beautifully to that. A limited-edition model that pays for itself (and makes JLR profit) is far easier to create a business case for.”

Furthering the exclusivity aspect of the model, McGovern alluded to two-door models’ now relative small number compared with their five-door counterparts as the car industry moves away from less practical and slower-selling two-doors.

A two-door Range Rover would certainly be exclusive - the super-luxury SUV market currently contains no two-door cars, while the recently introduced Lamborghini Urus resembling a coupé the closest, despite having five doors. The Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan both have five doors, while no specifics are yet known about the upcoming Ferrari SUV. 

The new model would likely sit atop the Range Rover line-up, higher even than the extended-wheelbase Range Rover SVAutobiography, which tops out the range at £167,850. The exclusivity of the Range Stormer could push the model's price tag to £200,000 or beyond. 

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Andy1960 6 December 2017

Next to come.......

A super luxury Range Rover coupe with the roof chopped off

russ13b 5 December 2017


"Well the original Landrover didnt have backdoor, the Discovery and the Freelander had 3 door variants and the original Range Rover was a "3 Door"..  " - correct, and as soon as they made them with back doors, what happend to sales? have you noticed how you only seem to see 4/5 door wranglers now? not just here, but in the US as well. the original discovery was 3 door because they didn't want it to take sales from the range rover, a 4 door version of the original range rover having sufficient demand that they were made by 3rd party companies. on autotrader; toyota rav4 - 104 3door and 1542 5 door, suzuki vitara - 476 5door and 2 3door. freelander 2 - all 5door, freelander1 - 328 5door and 110 3 door. three door suv are pointless and getting in the back would be even worse than with a 3door car, which in itsef is an unrefined malarkey at best.

yvesferrer 5 December 2017

The point is?

What is the point of large-ish cars with 2 doors? Ok, I am heading fast towards senility but 2 doors are ok on a sportscar with 2 seats; they are arguable on a Golf-sized 'family hatch' but totally unfathomable on a Chelsea Tractor!