The manufacturer's home nation will get the updated rear-wheel-drive sports car first, followed by the rest of the world
12 September 2018

Subaru has unveiled its updated BRZ, which has been given a mild update after six years on sale. 

The manufacturer has tweaked the suspension of its Mazda MX-5 rival, with retuning of the dampers aimed at making the car better to drive. 

Fins at the rear of the car are claimed to improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise by reducing turbulence. 

Inside, the rear-drive BRZ remains the same, although the non-UK 'RA Racing' model has had a redesign of its seatbelts and rollcage. 

The current BRZ was introduced in 2012, and achieved a five-star rating at the hands of our road testers. Subaru plans to sell 160 BRZs per month in Japan, but hasn’t specified how many it will sell in the UK. Given the delay between cars going on sale in Japan and in the UK, it's expected that we won't see the facelifted BRZ on UK roads until the second quarter of 2019.

Subaru recently suspended orders of the Levorg four-wheel-drive estate in the UK due to greater demand than supply, although the brand only sold 1739 cars between 1 January of this year and the end of July. All Subaru diesels in the UK have also been axed recently. 

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Subaru BRZ

The BRZ and the GT86 are two peas from the same pod, but we find out if the Subaru moniker makes it a different beast to the superb Toyota?

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12 September 2018

 Put more Ponies under the Hood?


21 September 2018
Peter Cavellini wrote:

 Put more Ponies under the Hood?


Again with this've been told already, read up on the R&D for this car and why they didn't do that first time around. If you want faster, go buy something else and leave the rest of us to admire this car, for what it is to each of us who don't whinge.

26 September 2018

Yes Subaru UK only ordered 17 Levorg cars from the factory for 2018 as they thought it was too expensive for the UK market.


Back in 98 during the "Subaru WRX Turbo Times" they brought in around 11,000 cars a year limited by a Japanese import restriction in the UK.

I was thinking of renewing my Subaru next year but at these import numbers are so small and the present gearbox is so let's say an aquired taste, can anyone expect Subaru UK to continue importing cars here as the two factories are flat out supplying the US and Canadian market.

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