Compact SUV won't look 'too much like the last one', claims design boss

Nissan will replace its popular Juke crossover supermini with a car that’s equally bold and distinctive to look at, and yet quite different from the outgoing version.

Having been designed at Nissan’s London studio, the car is being readied for a motor show debut within months and will enter production in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with Autocar, Nissan’s global design boss, Alfonso Albaisa, said the second-generation Juke “doesn’t look too much like the last one”, adding: “It doesn’t look like IMx [the electric crossover concept unveiled at Tokyo last year] or new Leaf, either. It’s an urban meteor with a nasty attitude.”

Albaisa quashed a rumour that the Juke replacement had been reviewed and sent back for a redesign. He said: “[The Juke] is certainly coming soon. But it didn’t get ‘sent back’. I’m not sure where that story came from. It’s a very cool car and it still has all of its attitude.”

The first-generation Juke was introduced at the Geneva motor show in 2010 and helped boost the popularity of supermini-sized crossovers. In terms of sales, that class grew tenfold across Europe between 2010 and 2016, and by 2022 it is expected to double in size from its 2016 level of 1.13 million units.

Juke sales have exceeded 100,000 units a year in Europe four times during its life cycle, and the styling of the British-built car was considered an important contributor to that.

“Our job was easier with the first one, because there was nothing else like it,” Albaisa told Autocar. “And that car’s success was so huge even given how polarising it looked. The second one couldn’t be derivative or evolutionary and still be a Juke. We’d almost have to change its name to ‘Nancy’, otherwise.”

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Nissan Juke

With its exaggerated styling, the Nissan Juke takes the notion of a crossover in a new direction

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The new Juke is likely to be built on a stretched version of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance’s V-platform, as used by the Renault Clio and Nissan Micra. It is expected to shun the naturally aspirated petrol engines that have accounted for much of its sales volume so far. Instead, the upcoming Juke will use the 898cc three-cylinder and 1197cc four-cylinder turbo motors found in the current Micra and Qashqai. Those engines produce between 89bhp and 114bhp.

A 1.5-litre 109bhp diesel is likely to be offered, too, with four-wheel drive kept for automatic versions higher up the range.

Albaisa wouldn’t confirm whether the second-gen Juke would be previewed by a show car, in the same way that the Qazana concept displayed at the Geneva motor show in 2009 was used to test the water for the production version that followed. Given the riskiness of the original Juke’s styling, and how well established the car has become, it’s likely that Nissan will maximise the impact of the unveiling of the second-generation variant by keeping its looks under wraps until the last moment.

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28 August 2018

Nice to know not all stylists are wankers!

28 August 2018

It looks nothing like that.

i wouldn’t want to be the pedestrian struck by one of those front corners. Is there no law about minimum radii for front end design? I guess there can’t be, seeing some of the sharp edges designed in: perhaps Lamborghini are among the worst offenders. But then it’d only be your lower legs that got chopped off....


Aussie Rob - a view from down under

28 August 2018

An ugly car made even uglier.

28 August 2018

Looks like the lovechild of the Ssangyong Tivoli and one of Nissan's GTR concepts. Thank God this is only a rendering and hope  that the real version doesn't look quite so hideous as this. Or the current model.

28 August 2018

As ever, there is very little value in these 'this is how is could look' flights of fancy. The new Juke could also look like a parsnip cable-tied to a roller-skate.


28 August 2018

I'm glad to hear the next generation won't be made more bland which is often the way, as "company executives" try to make interesting/divisive designs more "mainstream"

28 August 2018
Mikey C wrote:

I'm glad to hear the next generation won't be made more bland which is often the way, as "company executives" try to make interesting/divisive designs more "mainstream"

Same here. AE have been peddling an image which is basically the current model with some adjustments reflecting Nissan's other recent models, so hopefully they're completely wrong. I love the bit about they'd have to call it" Nancy" if it was just evolutionary, probably the first time I've heard a car designer say anything 100% spot on.

28 August 2018

Yes, that is an Autocar speculative rendering so it’s why we see a disjointed mashup of different cars in there. There has been trends where many car makers are following design cues from other car makers.

Japanese car makers have long left the classic but bland side profile styling of BMW and its huffmeister kink of the 2000’s which Lexus brought a daring and jolting look of sharp folds and creases as if it was either designed by an origami artist or if it has been crumpled in an accident — Lamborghini was the first to define this style and much later Cadillac had its own mild version of it.

Today other car makers are following this techno/Transformer-like design theme. 

I much prefer the timeless beauty of clean flowing lines and simple elegant details. Everyone wants attention these days, like it or not.

28 August 2018

Please Nissan don't inflict this on the motoring public. it's not at all an attractive design,you'd be a lot better off adapting the Nissan Kicks (which has already on sale in the US replacing the Juke) to Europe than this. Like it or loathe it at least the Juke was distictive,this isn't anything special at all 

28 August 2018

 Must be hard to come up with something different, can’t really recall anything under £25,000 that didn’t look or was similar to any other Car today.....!

Peter Cavellini.


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