Currently reading: Seat sets sights on Ibiza-based Nissan Juke rival
Leon-based SUV will come first, followed by a smaller crossover

Seat believes it can be the first of the Volkswagen Group brands to launch a proper Nissan Juke-rivalling small crossover, according to the brand’s boss.

The Spanish car maker has already committed to building a new Nissan Qashqai rival at its Barcelona plant from next year. It has also shown the 20V20 concept, which hints at a larger SUV model to sit at the top of the line-up.

However, Seat is also known to have put an Seat Ibiza-based crossover through customer clinics, and chairman Jürgen Stackmann says such a car could beat Audi’s long-rumoured Q1 baby SUV and Volkswagen’s Volkswagen Polo-based Volkswagen Taigun to market.

“Nobody has told us we can’t be the first to bring the small crossover to showrooms,” said Stackmann. “Our car is much better than when we showed it to some people last year.

“We have an idea of when to bring this car, but we’re announcing it when everything is close, when the business case is sufficiently strong. And when the car itself is solid.

“The sequence is clear. Number one is mid-size. Focus number two is smaller, because that’s where the swing is in customer demand. Number three is our vision, like 20V20. But it all comes in phases.”

Stackmann also said the 20V20 is not yet confirmed for production. “We can build that car now — we have everything in our hands to do it — but the brand has to be strong enough to build that car and sell it in volumes and in revenues sufficient to make a good case. We’re not there yet with the larger car.”

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AndyT 11 June 2015

Poor SEAT. VW will never

Poor SEAT. VW will never allow SEAT to build it. Look at the Tribu 4x4 of 2007, if SEAT had built that, it would have been ahead of the pack, now it's years behind. A bit like the lack of VW SUVs for the US market. Sometimes VW deserves to fail.
Andrew Lee 10 June 2015

Seat + SUV =

erly5 9 June 2015

Slow to react...

"Seat believes it can be the first of the Volkswagen Group brands to launch a proper Nissan Juke-rivalling small crossover". With so many manufacturers cleaning up in this sector of the market, why have the VW group been sooooo slow to react?? I laugh at SEAT's boast, especially when it is taking an eternity for them to get their medium crossover to market.