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Seat's new large SUV will be based on the Skoda Kodiaq; will sit alongside the Ateca and the upcoming Arona in the brand's SUV line-up
Julian Rendell
2 mins read
23 March 2017

Seat has confirmed it will add a large SUV to its range in 2018, a new model that will further push the Spanish nameplate up-market.

Based on the Skoda Kodiaq, the new Seat will have its own sheet-metal and unique interior with both five-seat and seven-seat layouts to attack a market segment above the new Ateca five-seater.

A name has not been confirmed, but Seat boss Luca de Meo, speaking at the brand's annual press conference, said that "there are plenty of Spanish cities that are suitable" [to be used for a name].

De Meo added: “This car will bring new customers to us, will boost brand image and will have a very big effect on our ability to generate margins. It will be designed in Barcelona and made in Germany. Producing the new SUV in Wolfsburg, in the heart of the Group, will reinforce the ties between SEAT and Volkswagen”.

Sized from around 4.7m-long, the new Seat SUV is relatively compact for a seven-seater – a characteristic that it shares with its platform twin, the Skoda Kodiaq.

If Seat’s new SUV stays true to the satisfying dynamic characteristics of the Ateca, it could set new standards of agility for a seven-seat crossover.

Based on the scalable MQB platform, the Seat SUV will also be powered by a range of VW group engines and built at Volkswagen's Wolfsburg plant in Germany.

Details of the powertrains have yet to be released, but are likely to be drawn from a 148bhp 1.4TSi petrol, 148bhp 2.0TDi, 178bhp 2.0 petrol and high-output 178bhp 2.0TDi.

Four-wheel drive and a DSG dual-clutch gearbox are set to be options.

The SUV will shift Seat’s highest price-point north of £30k, where it will compete with the entry-point models from premium brands. But the main target will be successful seven-seat SUVs like the Hyundai Santa Fe.


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SUVs are emerging as the main battleground for Seat to fight back. The C-segment Ateca, which rivals the Nissan Qashqai, launched last year to critical acclaim and a smaller B-Segment crossover called the Arona, which rivals the Juke, goes on sale later this year.

The B-SUV and C-SUV market segments are the fastest-growing in Europe taking an increasing market share.

Seat is currently still committed to the Alhambra seven-seater, but it seems likely that a successful launch of a seven-seat SUV will put pressure on investment in a next-generation MPV.

The Spanish brand confirmed today that last year, it made its first positive operating profit since 2007. Finance boss Holger Kintscher said: "We are back in the black. Infact, this is the best result since Seat became oart of the VW Group."

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23 March 2017
This isn't really news is it?
VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda will always have clones of the same VW "mothership" car, so we know the engines/gearbox/media-nav combinations, it's just which badge do you want on the front and how much do you want your monthly payments to be?

23 March 2017
Come on SEAT, make the 180 and 220 bhp petrol available in the UK Ateca like it is elsewhere, in the Kodiak/Tiguan and this one!

23 March 2017
If it drives as well as the Ateca.

23 March 2017
If it drives as well as the Ateca.

23 March 2017
Guess what VW is doing for anti-German sentiment as Spaniards see their jobs exported abroad? I guess at Spain being the next to leave the EU, but it'll be a close-run thing - Portugal, Italy, Greece or Spain first?

31 May 2017
SEAT have seen such increased sales that they don't have capacity to be able to add model production. The Ateca is already made in Skoda factories. It's a success story, not a negative one.

Their plan is to add capacity but that naturally takes time.

23 March 2017
The design 'language' (ugh!) of the SEAT Alteca and Skoda Kodiak are identical. Why don't SEAT just put their badge on the Skoda Kodiak, as they have with the Mii/Citigo and save the development cost of their own (identical) clone?!

23 March 2017
Jeremy wrote:

Why don't SEAT just put their badge on the Skoda Kodiak, as they have with the Mii/Citigo and save the development cost of their own (identical) clone?!

I'd be massively surprised if that's not what actually happens Jeremy. New headlamps and taillights, slightly different interior design, different badge. Job done. It's the VW way.

23 March 2017
BMC and the Rootes Group would be proud of this badge engineering...

24 March 2017
Some years ago, VW said that Alfa would be placed directly against Alfa. However Seat is running cheap versions of VWs, while Alfa is going beautiful! VW should have bought Alfa some years ago as planned...


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