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R26 replacement will go on sale next month - see it at the 'Ring

Renault’s new Megane 250 will cost from £21,995 for the hardcore Cup model when it goes on sale next month - and you can watch it now on video.

The new car will also be available with a less-compromised set-up called Sport, which will cost £22,995. Sport models also come with extra equipment over the Cup, such as leather, an electric driver’s seat and automatic lights and wipers.

Video - watch F1 driver Romain Grosjean drive the Renaultsport Megane 250 at the 'Ring

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Sport buyers can upgrade to a Cup chassis, which includes a limited-slip diff, stiffer springs, grooved brake discs and Michelin Pilot Sport tyres on satin black alloys. Renault claims a 15 per cent increase in stiffness over the Sport chassis.

Both models are powered by an upgraded version of RenaultSport’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, with 247bhp at 5500rpm and 340Nm at 3000rpm, and come with Renault’s Dynamic Management System that controls the ESP.

Drivers can choose from three modes; On, when traction control and ESP are fully operational, Sport, which delays their intervention, and Off, which turns the systems off altogether.

There is also the option to modify the way the throttle behaves. In Sport mode, drivers can choose from five settings – linear, normal, snow, sport and extreme – to change the way the car accelerates.

Renault has carried over its torque-steer limiting front suspension and steering set-up from the last Megane RS, but has used aluminium in some of the parts to cut weight.

The car’s straight line acceleration is on a par with the R26 R – it reaches in 62mph in 6.1 seconds. Fuel consumption is claimed to be 33.6mpg, with CO2 emissions of 195g/km.

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jl4069 15 October 2009

Re: Hardcore Megane from £21,995

Well in Renault's search for a more rigid platform, they have gone the route of the new Evora using a SLIT of a rear window to see out of!!!! Making three-quarter views of this near impossible when doing things like changing lanes. This is really poor design. Just take a look at pics of the rear interior shots to see this design joke.

The makers really have to address this major issue of creating cars without any way to see out. J

tali 15 October 2009

Re: Hardcore Megane from £21,995

Renault seem to be launching a hardcore Megane every day of the week that has a D in it it seems.

Soon there will be one available in every 1 horsepower increment from 200bhp onwards

optimal_909 15 October 2009

Re: Hardcore Megane from £21,995

fuzzybear wrote:
I think it suits white

It might work better on this Megane, but dreadful on cars like the Panamera or 7 Series (just look on the homepage), not to mention a Q7 - makes me think on Moby Dick.