Currently reading: Renault Alaskan production model leaks ahead of reveal
New pick-up truck will be officially shown later this week; this early glimpse confirms it retains the design of the Alaskan concept

This picture of the Renault Alaskan has been leaked onto a Greek website ahead of the model's official reveal later this week.

The Renault Alaskan has been officially revealed. Read more here.

The image confirms the production model looks very similar to the concept it is based on (which was revealed last year and is shown in our gallery). It's not due to go on sale until next year.

The production Alaskan will be the company’s first global pick-up and will be built alongside equivalents from Nissan and Mercedes-Benz, the latter of which is due by 2020. The production Renault and the Mercedes will share some of their architecture with the Nissan NP300 Navara, although both companies will engineer and design their own final versions to keep their identities intact.

The one-ton Alaskan concept came with 21in wheels, full LED lighting, satin-effect paint and brushed and polished metal finishes on the exterior. While there will undoubtedly be some changes, many features look set to be retained in the final model.

Despite its commercial vehicle nature, Renault is pitching the Alaskan at the private leisure-focused user. As well as what Renault describes as high-quality interior standards and space for five in the cabin, the Alaskan concept came with a camera located in the door mirror to film the passing landscape, and an optional selection of accessories such as a load bed liner and cover were on the car's theoretical options list.

The Alaskan concept came with the 163bhp 2.3-litre 163hp twin-turbo diesel that features in the Master van, and it's thought this engine is likely to remain in the production model. Although there are no official performance figures quoted for the Alaskan, the engine is capable of a claimed combined economy figure of 40.4mpg in the Master.

Speaking to Autocar at the reveal of the Alaskan concept last year, Renault design boss Laurens van den Acker said: "As a design challenge, I Ioved it. You can imagine the reaction in the design studio every time we pulled the covers off it - a large French pick-up is unheard of.

"To design something with no history behind it, with nothing to lose and with every potential customer a conquest was a joy. I loved it. From my experience with Ford in the US I was the only one in the entire team who had any experience if doing a pick-up and that brought a great freedom to the project."

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TegTypeR 30 June 2016

Private User?!?!

So, Renault are aiming this at the private market eh?

Well, that's not going to work in the UK. The dealers will lump this in with the commercial stuff, either in the corner of the show room or on the back of a cold and windy parking lot next to the Masters and Traffic's.

I'm not knocking them for this though as this is where the sales will be but Renault are deluded if they think they are going to make sales to private market.

Ultimately this will be bought by men (yes, I am generalising!), normally the knuckle dragging type who want to look "ard" on their company car budget because it is favourable for tax reasons.

japes 4 September 2015

Renault / Nissan

Renault had a great it's dreadful. Nissan had a dreadful it's great. Lucky they get so much subsidy. However this has the whiff of a resurgence about it. It's bold and confident looking and the Clio is lovely. I just wish Renault had the product planning team from Nissan.
Daniel Joseph 3 September 2015


It's already obvious from the look of this concept that the real thing will be nothing more than a Nissan Navara with a Renault snout. Ther's nothing wrong with that, but isn't producing a "concept" when we know pretty much exactly what the production version will look like a bit pointless? Also, hasn't this double cab pick-up as family/leisure transport been done before? I had a double cab Ford Ranger in the noughties and really liked it for everyday use (apart from the four wheel skids when braking in the wet unladen on all terrain tyres!)