Currently reading: Porsche 911 GT2 RS breaks Nurburgring rear-drive record
Porsche’s 6:47.30 time puts it only marginally behind the Nio EP9 and ahead of all other rear-drive road cars around the ’Ring
Jimi Beckwith
2 mins read
27 September 2017

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS has set the fastest time for a lap of the Nürburgring by a road legal, rear-wheel drive car in series production.

Also claiming the second-fastest road car record with a time of 6:47.30 - just 1.4sec slower than the all-electric Nio EP9 hypercar - Porsche broke its own target of 7:05.00 by almost 18 seconds. 

However, the McLaren P1 LM, a road-legal version of the track-focused 986bhp P1 GTR, holds the overall record for a road legal rear-wheel drive car, having clocked a 6min 43sec laptime at the Green Hell earlier this year. The difference is that it is not a series-production car like the GT2 RS, but rather a limited-edition conversion by race engineering firm Lanzante. 

Porsche ran two cars around the Ring for the record run; one driven by test driver Lars Kern, the other by racing driver Nick Tandy, although Kern set the fastest time. 

The time makes the GT2 RS not only the fastest Porsche 911 of all time around the famous circuit but the fastest Porsche, beating the lap time of the 918 Spyder by more than 10 seconds. 

Rather than being a one-off flying lap, however, Porsche claims that the 7:05.00 target was beaten time and again during the record runs, with five of its laps ducking under the 6:50.00 threshold.

Andreas Preuninger, the GT model line director, said: “We’re particularly proud of the fact that this was achieved with two different vehicles and two different drivers, as this underlines the GT2 RS’s ability to reproduce this record result over and over again.”

Frank-Steffen Walliser, Porsche’s motorsport and GT car vice president, said: “The credit for beating our target goes to our development engineers, mechanics and drivers, who demonstrated an exceptionally strong team performance.”

The weather conditions were described as ‘ideal’, while the cars wore road legal Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres for the record run. 

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27 September 2017

6:47.3 is near identical to McLaren's "unofficial" time for the P1 of 6:47 dead. That might feel like an apples and pears argument but given there are no official rules and we have no idea how different a team prepped car is to one you might buy and own, we can regard the times as equivalent. And no sign of the Americans or Italians.

27 September 2017
Man that's fast!

If Maclaren could do 6:47 wouldn't they make it official?

27 September 2017

seems to be in the right end

27 September 2017

my engrish is sücks...

27 September 2017

brain fart

27 September 2017

The car being yellow is worth 10 seconds per lap

27 September 2017

Wow!  It is only 20 seconds slower than a 35 year old F2 car!


Road cars are RUBBISH on tracks.  They have to be to be drivable on the road.  But this track time obsession is ruining them.

27 September 2017

Gotta luv the GT2.....!!!!!

28 September 2017

Over to you Radical, when you going to give that RXC a run and show them how it's done AGAIN...

29 September 2017

After being very fortunate to have a passenger ride in a new GT3 driven full bore round the TG track this summer, I can certainly say that these cars Porsche are rolling out at the moment are seriously fast! This is obviously a different beast, but generally speaking - wow! I have been in some quick cars in the past but the speed coupled with massive grip and the handling ability are something else! Fair play, Porsche. I am sure this would be insane to ride shotgun in round the Ring! 

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