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The Nurburgring lap record held by the Radical SR8LM has been broken by the Nio EP9 electric hypercar, which set a time of 6m 45.90sec

The all-electric Nio EP9 hypercar has broken the Nürburgring lap record set in 2009 by the Radical SR8LM.

Setting a time of 6minutes, 45.90seconds, the EP9 broke the Radical's long-standing 'Ring record for a road-legal car by 2.1sec. Radical's time was 6m 48.0sec. 

Nio previously set a lap time of 7:05.12 in October last year - almost 20 seconds slower than its latest record-breaking attempt - but still enough to place it sixth overall, as well as garnering it the accolade of the fastest electric vehicle around the Nordschleife.

It's still almost 35 seconds slower than Stefan Bellof's 1983 lap, which holds the title of fastest ever Nürburgring lap by any car, though.

The EP9 has a power output of one megawatt; the equivalent to 1342bhp, and a top speed of 194mph. The model can reach 62mph in 2.7sec and 124mph in 7.1sec.

In claiming the overall 'Ring record, the Nio has reaffirmed its electric 'Ring record, as well as snatching the four-wheel drive lap record for a road-legal production car. 

Only twenty examples of the EP9 will be made, despite the company having previously capped production at six, at a cost to customers of $1.48million (around £1.15million). 

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vrskeith 17 May 2017

That sound reminds me of a V8 with the ignition turned off.

Or was it a high revving sewing machine in hyper drive. Call me old fashioned but WTF is that noise. Simply doesn't make hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Was there Robot driving using next generation Sat-navigation to get perfect apex and 3G mapping of terrain!
Peter Cavellini 14 May 2017

It beaten.

If they can be bothered I am sure Radical could do it,maybe there strapped for cash?,any backers out there?
GODFATHER 14 May 2017


Considering Radicals time was done in 2009, I don't see why Radical with a major upgrade won't be able to take the crown back. Nowadays 450bhp can be done with a 2ltr so bumping the 450bhp up to 550bhp shouldn't be a problem. Personally I would stick a Mclaren M380T engine in the back of the Radical and go for the overall lap record.
jason_recliner 17 May 2017



Personally I would stick a Mclaren M380T engine in the back of the Radical and go for the overall lap record.

I like the way you think!