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New MG supermini will supplement the petrol-engined 3, will arrive in 2021

MG will aim to offer one of the best value electric cars available with a new EV supermini; one of its two models expected to launch next year.

While the first - production version of the E-Motion - will increase the desirability factor and boost the brand’s image, MG will also stay true to its modern-day ethos with a low-cost, battery-powered rival to the Renault Zoe. 

Due to be launched at the end of 2021, the compact EV will be similar in size to the current 3, Autocar understands, but won’t directly replace that car initially, as it remains a desirable, low-cost offering sought after by dealers and buyers alike.

As with the production E-Motion, MG has revealed few technical details, but we expect the new model to borrow battery and powertrain technology from MG’s other UK-market EVs. However, the battery capacity is likely to decrease from the ZS EV’s 44.5kWh in order to reduce both the new car’s cost and the impact on interior space.

That smaller battery should be counterbalanced by the reduced weight and improved aerodynamic properties of a supermini, so expect a range target of about 150 miles in order to be competitive. Power output is also expected to reduce from the ZS EV's 141bhp, but should still be sprightly given the instant torque delivery of an electric motor and reduced weight over its SUV siblings. 

The ZS EV, which starts from £25,495, offers £50kW DC rapid charging as standard. MG might elect to remove that capability on base models in order to bring the headline price down - a move which Skoda made on the entry-level Citigo e iV.

Given the value focus of the current MG line-up, the new small EV is likely to be offered at a price significantly lower than that of more design-led, premium cars such as the Honda E and Mini Electric, and possibly less than £20,000.


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RCT V 7 January 2021

Of course, SAIC own MG, which is now in the forefront of “the drive” to bring electric cars to the UK.

SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, is a joint venture between SAIC Motor, Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co Ltd, and General Motors.

The JV has produced the “endearing micro electric-car, called the Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV”. Currently, it is only sold in China.

The car launched at the beginning of summer 2020, and has been a notable success. According to GM Authority, Wuling has received 50,000 orders since its initial launch”.

In comparison to the recently introduced Citroen Ami, the Mini EV, betters that little “Fisher Price” model, in EVERY matrix . . .  size, range, power, number of seats, technical specification, and significantly price.

For those interested, is well worth searching the inter-web for the Wuling Mini EV.

Perhaps AUTOCAR could use its influence to encourage Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales, MG Motor UK, to bring a couple of “MG” Mini EV to the UK, for us all to see?!

Mike75R 4 January 2021

The height of irony that the Japanese killed the independent British car industry with good value and reliable if unremarkable cars and now the Chinese are doing the same with an ex-British brand.

jonboy4969 4 January 2021

Please explain how they are destroying a brand that only a few years ago did not exist - they are selling in excess of 17,000 a year, and thats with Decembers figures to go, and thats 49.42% on the same Year To Date in 2019, they have launched a number of new products last year, and this year there will be at least three new products, yes THREE, and i do know that for a fact, more i can not say, but just wit until the Summer, and all will be revealed.And before you go on about they are Chinese cars, well the last lot were mainly Japanese or German (design/engineered) - and if Rover were still here today, then i doubt very much they would have the MG range that they have now, or coming.

scotty5 4 January 2021

Autocar understands, but won’t directly replace that car initially, as it remains a desirable, low-cost offering sought after by dealers and buyers alike.

Would like to see the sales figures for the MG3 and its more expensive competitors. Not sure I've ever seen a 70reg MG3 and I've certainly never seen one at a dealership. Our local MG dealer had to close some years ago - they hardly sold a car. Just had a look on Autotrader and the nearest MG3 for sale is at the next MG dealership 23 miles away. There must be about 100 car garages between here and there and not a single MG3 for sale at any age. 

superstevie 4 January 2021

I've seen a few new shape MG3's on the road in Edinburgh. I don't think they sell in any where close as a Fiesta, probably not even a 10th as much, but they will be quite popular with those looking for a cheap to own small car. It has more appeal than a Sandero does while still not costing a lot to buy. 

Andrew1 4 January 2021
More appeal than a Sandero to who? People that want a cheap, bad car but with a good badge on it?
superstevie 4 January 2021

It has more style, and while it isn't exactly the best brand badge out there, it doesn't come with that pensioner budget appeal that Dacia has. The new Sandero is without a doubt a better car, but the MG3 has more appeal, to me at least. Not that I would buy either lol

Antony Riley 8 January 2021
superstevie well my daughter has a Sandero been ultra reliable is comfortable and very economical too. The new soon to be released Sandero is moving the game on so MG will have to match it with in all that Sandero has to offer
jonboy4969 4 January 2021

HILARIOUS - you clearly know nothing about cars, or the sale of them, or the UK national sales figures, MG are the ONLY brand in the UK to significantly increase sales in 2019, in fact every single month, were up on the same time a year early, and every year for the last 5 years their sales have been higher than the preceeding one, the MG3 was its best seller until the ZS came out, and you witter on about a dealer that shut years ago - well, i can beat that, three citroen and hyundai dealer has closed locally to me in the last two years, in that time more MG dealers have been opened, as opposed to many brands slimming down.WOW, you must live somewhere exciting to have about 100 dealers in 23 miles, thats one every quarter mile or so.... on that road to the next dealer.... And so you expect us to believe that that you have checked all those 100 dealers to see what they have for sale, YEAH RIGHT.....