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MG shows concept for a successor to the TF, although it's not yet clear if it will make production
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11 May 2020

MG has released images and limited details of a new electric sports car concept called the Cyberster.

Posted by MG Motor UK's Chinese parent firm, SAIC, the images show a two-door roadster. They appear to be artistic renderings, suggesting the Cyberster concept may be at an early stage. 

Key features evident include a long bonnet, a sharply raked rear end and illuminated MG badges. The car bears no resemblance to the last roadster the brand produced, the MG TF.

No specific details of any production intent have been released, but the Cyberster is said to feature 5G connectivity technology and Level 3 autonomous driving features. We also don’t know what powers the concept as yet in terms of its electric powertrain.

The idea of MG rebooting its historically successful two-seat roadster format has long been mooted. Back in 2014, Autocar learned that SAIC’s Shanghai design studio was developing options for a new sports car, but this was only at the investigative proposal stage. 

Then, in 2017, the brand showed off the E-Motion concept, an electric four-seat sports coupé that was supposed to enter production this year. Rumours say this has been pushed back to 2021, but it's not truly clear whether the production intent remains. 

The E-Motion was powered by an in-house-developed electric powertrain that was claimed to give a 0-62mph time of less than 4.0sec and a range of more than 310 miles. 


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11 May 2020

If you thought Cyber Truck was a stupid name...


It doesn't even roll of the tongue. It sounds like drunk talk.

11 May 2020

 Rolls of the tongue ok to me, and the iffy concept pics hint at a decent looking car, and, if it can 310 or so on a charge, it only remains for it to be well built and a sensible, affordable price.


11 May 2020

I love the idea of an LED MG badge.

When I was very small, my father ran a handsome Wolseley 18 hp saloon, which sported a proudly-lit badge on the radiator grille.  

Looking forward to my Cybertruck, though making sure I will have moved before it arrives to a home where I can charge it overnight, unlike the terrace where I live at present!

11 May 2020

Make it before the Tesla Roadster comes along.

11 May 2020

I'd love to see an electric MG sports car, but these renderings look as if they were doodled by someone with a cheap 3D prog and a load of effects filters, not a car design studio.

11 May 2020
A small EV roadster? Where do i sign up??
I just hope the price premium over the MX-5 isn't prohibitive.

11 May 2020

Well catchy name! Just as catch as X Æ A-12

12 May 2020
Looks awesome, bring it on!

14 May 2020
There are some subtle queues in there of MGA and MGB,yet its not retro. Given so many recent MG designs looked like Mazda knock offs this is really promising. Hope they make it, as there aren't enough affordable(ish) small sports cars and the future needs something more exciting than electric SUVs

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