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MG’s latest high-rider takes the brand’s SUV offering up to three; it’s expected to reach the UK next year

MG has revealed the HS, its latest SUV, in China. The car is a production version of the X-Motion concept, which was revealed at the Beijing motor show in April. 

The HS will go on sale in China in September but isn’t confirmed for a UK launch, so it remains a China-only car for now. 

In China, it will be sold alongside the GS, a similar-sized SUV introduced in the UK in 2016, although it’s not yet known if it’ll replace or sit alongside the GS here. However, MG says the GS is due for replacement in early 2019, correlating with the time the HS would take to reach the UK after its Chinese debut, should it be the replacement for the GS. 

Styling is taken directly from the X-Motion concept, albeit slightly toned down, while the interior follows the more colourful, high-end example set by the new 6, revealed earlier this year. It features a premium Bose sound system. 

The HS also gets a panoramic sunroof, a 12.3in digital dashboard in place of traditional dials and a 10.1in central infotainment touchscreen. 

It also features the MG Pilot driver assistance system, thought to be MG’s take on semi-autonomous systems sweeping the market, incorporating lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control. 

Blindspot monitors are also available. Top-end cars get a red leather interior with sports seats and a 64-colour ambient lighting system.

The engine range is topped by a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol unit with 225bhp and 266lb ft of torque, driving all four wheels. Dimensions of the car have not yet been revealed, but it has a wheelbase of 2720mm - 74mm longer than that of the Nissan Qashqai

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Rollocks 9 August 2018


Anyone else seen Autocar's SUV survey? The first question asks you to list the compact SUVs you're familiar with, so I typed Qashqai, Kuga, Evoque, etc. But the second question makes it clear that they're actually interested in tiny toys like the Juke, Duster and Stonic ... which to my mind are not SUVs. The key letters are 'S' = sport (implying high speed performance) and 'U' = utility (implying heavy duty cargo-carrying or towing capabilities). When are motoring journos gonna stop treating readers like idiots and start calling a spade a spade?

kboothby 9 August 2018


I think the "sports utility" in SUV refers to lifestyle not driving dynamics, they are generally jacked up versions of small  (Juke, Captur, Mokka) to medium hatches (Quashcow, Grandland, 5008) and cater to those who like to strap a bike or kayak to the roof after a stressful week at work.

I chose an X-Trail as my company hack (Replacing a Skoda Superb) just because, of all the cars I've had over the years, I've never had an SUV/4x4 type vehicle despite teaching myself to drive in a series II Landrover at the age of 15 (different times back then). 

It's quite a good ride and soaks up potholes like you wouldn't believe with it's higher profile, larger diameter tyres. Lacks the limo qualities, sheer load-lugging ability,dynamics and sheer value for money of the big Skoda but steers extremely well for a vehicle with such a high C.O.G.

A "Sports Car"... NO

A Sprightly motor that fills a sporty niche... YES

michael knight 9 August 2018


With re-building a brand i guess MG can't go crackers with their design language, but it would be a bloody shame if all that separates all of these once-famous brands, was the grille. 

But that's increasingly how it's looking these days, along with a bit of branding guff about one brands dynamic surfacing.

Interior is pleasant, nice door cards, but the architecture is almost indistinguishable from the new Fiesta. Again - take the badge away and many people would be none the wiser. 

Maybe once the sales start coming in MG can get its balls out, so to speak.

Cobnapint 9 August 2018

@abkq - get with the program

Just thinking of the letters M and G is supposed to make you go all nostalgic inside and think of oily rags and village garages with an old Shell petrol pump on a dusty forecourt with the postman's bicycle leaning against a milk churn in the background.

Back in the real world, punters saw through all this years ago when the first red piping went on the seats of a Montego.

kboothby 9 August 2018

Was it ever so different back then?

Haven't MGs always been Morris Specials?  All of them cobbled together from the Morris/BMC/BL/Rover parts bin?

I stand to be corrected, but name me one MG model that was a unique offering without platform or major component sharing....