Currently reading: Mercedes-Benz opens new G-Class driving experience centre
Extreme off-road site replicates German car maker’s demanding Schoeckl test track

Mercedes-Benz has established a new G-Class experience centre near Graz, Austria as part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations for the recently upgraded off-roader.

Located close to the Magna manufacturing facility where the G-Class is produced, the new 100,000-square-metre site has been conceived to allow existing and prospective customers to familiarise themselves with the off-road capabilities of the traditional Mercedes-Benz model, which was first introduced as the G-Wagen in 1979 as a civilian version of the military vehicle commissioned by the Shah of Iran.

Set to open to the public in November, the experience centre aims to replicate the extreme off-road conditions of Mercedes-Benz’s demanding 3.5-mile Schoeckl test track – a mountainous course with inclines of up to 60% and roll angles up to 40% on which the G-Class has been developed and honed over the past four decades.

G class 7256l

The new G-Class facility, situated on a former Austrian military aerodrome, includes four courses consisting of both naturally and artificially created conditions with gradients of up to 100%, water obstacles, forest sections and an on-road circuit based on former aircraft taxiways.

Customers will be able to register with Mercedes-Benz to take driving courses at the G-Class experience centre and tours of the G-Class production facilities from next month.


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jason_recliner 16 June 2019

"100% gradient"

Extremely impressive!!!

5cylinderT 14 June 2019

what a cool place wonder how

what a cool place wonder how much that will cost to get in though.

you're right Deputy women think that SUV's are higher up for better access and more comfort and they dont realise they can do off-roading.

Deputy 14 June 2019

Sanitised but fun

I've done a few of these man made courses.  Good fun but ultimately you know that if the roll over angle is 40' the course is set to 38' and the like.  However would be very useful for my wifes friend who refused to drive her Land Rover Discovery onto a damp field "as it will get stuck".  She needs to do this so she can understand what these type of vehicles can do besides the school run!!