Currently reading: Mercedes-AMG G65 Final Edition revealed as V12 SUV’s swansong
Aptly limited to just 65 examples worldwide, the Final Edition costs from £278,000 in Germany

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the Final Edition of the G65 AMG sports SUV, limited to just 65 units worldwide. 

Costing from around £278,000 in Germany, the G65 Final Edition is more than three times the price of the entry-level G350d and double the price of the AMG G63.

It’s marked out on the outside by bronze trim, wheels and details, including 21in wheels finished in bronze. Inside, there’s exclusive Final Edition lettering on the grab handles and the bronze theme continues across the interior. 

It’s the second of two recent special-edition G-Class cars to launch before the next-generation G comes along and the latest in a string of outlandish G-Class-based models, including the G500 4x4², G63 6x6 and Maybach G650 Landaulet.

Under the bonnet is the same V12 as in the standard G65, producing 621bhp and 737lb ft. It’s likely that the special edition will be offered in left-hand drive only, meaning the only examples to make it to the UK will be brought here by buyers. 

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MarkII 20 October 2017

Give it up Mercedes

Stop flogging a dead horse and give those of us who care a new G Class model.
I may be in the minority here but the G has been on my garage wish list for 30+ years however let's be honest, the current car was past its sell by date 20 years ago and you should have updated it then. Knocking out things like the 6x6, 4x4 Squared, Landaulet and these end of line tarted up editions for ludicrous money is just plain embarrassing.
I really hope no-one is mug enough to pay £278k for a G65, when the new model is just around the corner (although I know somebody will...).
Stop messing around and get the new (revised) G Class out in 2018, then you can still launch an Anniversary model in 2019 to celebrate 40 years.
80sXS 20 October 2017

MarkII wrote:

MarkII wrote:

I may be in the minority here but the G has been on my garage wish list for 30+ years

I'd love a G Wagen but not one of the blinged up, in vogue celebrity chariots. Something utilitarian from the early 80s, already wearing a few bumps and bruises, confidently parked by reversing into trees, never washed and never locked.

MarkII 20 October 2017


I understand that totally: My love of the G started a year or two after its launch in 79, back when it was a utilitarian vehicle for military use and not a blinged up fashion statement with overly powerful AMG engine.

I could pick up a used G but the the upcoming revised model is of more interest to me. I need the added comfort now, so the mooted suspension upgrades to improve the ride/handling and one of the new petrol or diesel inline sixes from the S Class should be a major step forwards and would actually be closer to the original engine options than the current V8/V12 petrol or V6 diesel are.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

chris1969 19 October 2017


I guess you mean left hand drive only!!!