Currently reading: Mazda 6 to move to petrol-only as diesel production ends
Mazda's large saloon becomes the latest model to ditch diesel, with production ending this month and stock available until the end of the year

Production of the Mazda Mazda 6 large saloon and estate in diesel form will cease this month, with the Mazda moving to naturally aspirated petrol power only in Europe. 

It's believed that the long-standing 2.2-litre diesel unit would need redesigning in order to meet ever-toughening emissions legislation.  The investment required to do would not be met with sales volumes significant enough to justify it. 

The diesel 6 will still be available to order from stock until the end of the year, however, a UK spokesman has confirmed. 

A number of makers have, in recent years, slimmed down or entirely axed their diesel offerings for models where the fuel was previously a popular choice. This is particularly true in the business and fleet markets, where company car users are now strongly incentivised to choose plug-in hybrids or EVs rather than oil-burners. 

Mazda still offers the 2.2-litre diesel in the Mada Mazda CX-5 SUV, and it's unclear if that will soon face the axe too. It's now the only diesel offering in Mazda's nine-strong range of UK bodystyles, as the volume-selling Mazda 3 was introduced in 2019 with the SkyActiv X spark controlled compression ignition petrol engine claimed to offer the economy of a diesel with the driver appeal of a petrol. 


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FastRenaultFan 10 October 2020

Just noticed in my feed that Mazda have been certified to sell d

Mazda certified to sell diesel 6 and CX-5 Models in the USA. So they are not getting out of selling diesel then just moving to selling them elsewhere. Good luck to them with that.
Will86 9 October 2020

Fine, but widen the petrol choices

Dropping diesel from the range is one thing, but not having anything else to offer customers instead is another. Mazda have a decent enough 2.5l naturally aspirated petrol that will do a steady 40mpg but it's only available as an auto and a high spec. There would be a small but notable number of buyers happy to take the 2.5 if it was manual and in a lower spec and so a lot cheaper. They've also got a turbo version of the 2.5 available in the US so Mazda aren't adverse to turbocharging their cars either.

IainS 9 October 2020


Removing diesel is fine...   ...if they fit the SkyActiveX to the 6 series.  And they could do with fitting AWD too.


Same for the CX-5 - why no SkyActiveX?  Is it just that they are waiting for all the already manufacturered diesel engines to sell?