Currently reading: 860kg Lotus Elise Cup 250 revealed as ‘purest four-cylinder Lotus yet'
Lotus’ latest release can go from 0-60mph in 3.9sec; weighs just 860kg in its lightest form; costs from £47,400

The Lotus Elise Cup 250 has been revealed, pegged by Lotus as its purest four-cylinder car yet. 

With 240bhp and weighing at just 860kg in its lightest form, the Cup 250 has a power-to-weight ratio of 279bhp per metric ton, meaning 0-60mph is possible in just 3.9sec, while top speed is 154mph. 

The Cup 250 has a supercharged 1.8-litre all-alloy petrol engine, and its exhaust has been fettled to create a better exhaust note. An extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbonfibre, titanium and aluminium has helped to get the car's weight down. Additional weight reduction upgrades are available, including a £4000 titanium exhaust system that saves 7kg. Ultra-light alloy wheels, 16in at the front and 17in at the rear, come as standard.

Aerodynamic upgrades to the front splitter, rear wing, bargeboards and diffuser add up to 125kg of downforce when travelling at 140mph, Lotus claims.

Close attention has been paid to the Cup 250’s suspension; there are fully independent double wishbones and an anti-roll bar at the front, with higher damper rates than the Elise Sport and Sprint.

The Cup 250's electronic stability program (ESP) has three selectable driving modes: Drive, Sport, and Off.

Lotus has positioned the Cup 250 as a halfway point between its road and track Elises; the Exige Cup 380 was pegged as the most hardcore road-legal Exige, but it was far more exclusive with a production run of just 60.

The Cup 250 costs from £47,400. All of the weight-saving options add up to £18,400, bringing the cost of the lightest version of the Cup 250 to £65,800.

Other options include £825 metallic paint, a £2800 fire extinguisher and battery isolator and £1000 airbag deletion and non-airbag steering wheel. 

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russ13b 2 June 2017

just to remind everyone..

they do make a cheaper and lower-spec version, it's £27500.
there are now 3 specs of elise; sport, sprint, and cup, with 2 engine specs for each.
there's 3 exige models (sport 350 & 380, cup 380), 1 that's track only, then 2 evoras. it only seems confusing when you see them at random.
if they halved these, would you all begin to complain that they aren't trying hard enough, that they aren't developing and improving things?
the build quality is nowhere near as bad as some of you appear to believe. it isn't actually bad.
MarkII 2 June 2017

Lotus needs new models.

OK, I'll admit it, I'm oldish (50) and a bit creaky but as a lifelong petrolhead and ex Lotus owner I'd love to see Lotus return to form but this car isn't the way to do it. It's too expensive for what it is (a one trick pony) and its price pitches it right up against cars like the Boxster, which is both engaging and well made but also offers a more rounded ownership package (a decent ride/handling balance, some storage, reliability and residuals). Hethel need to start producing proper sportscars again not expensive uncompromising models with limited market appeal - I can only hope investment from Geely will help.
bol 1 June 2017

I'm a fan, but blimey!

I'd love to see autocar put this head to head with a BBR MX5 Turbo. Slightly more power and weight, similar dimensions, but half the price, with a proper interior and a hood that goes up and down in about three seconds. Oh, and zero attention from anyone on the road. I'm afraid I know which I'd take.