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JLR scheme, which starts from £910 a month, is aimed at high-mileage drivers

Jaguar Land Rover has launched its first subscription service for UK drivers, with 12 months of access to JLR cars starting at £910 per month. 

This base rate gives the subscriber access to a standard-spec Jaguar E-Pace. There are higher tiers in the scheme, with the full Jaguar and Land Rover ranges available for subscription. For example, users can pay £2200 a month for a Range Rover Sport HSE. Users are given one car for the 12 month contract, and cannot switch to a different car part-way through.

The scheme, called Carpe, is available without a deposit. The monthly fee covers vehicle rent, servicing, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance in case of a breakdown and delivery.

High-mileage drivers are the main target of JLR’s new service, which follows similar ones from Porsche, Volvo and BMW. There is no mileage limit on the scheme, but users will be offered a new car if their mileage exceeds a certain, undisclosed figure. The replacement car will be "equivalent or better" than the subscriber's original car, a Jaguar Land Rover spokesman said. 

Sebastian Peck, managing director of JLR’s InMotion mobility service arm, said: "We know there is appetite for unlimited motoring packages and demand is growing rapidly for subscription services that better meet individual needs. For people who love driving premium vehicles but are tired of inflexible contracts, a subscription to Carpe is the solution."

Carpe is only in its infancy, but it will expand following feedback from early customers. 

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jason_recliner 16 June 2018

I Don't Understand

I'm the first to admit I'm a complete dummy when it comes to money, so I don't understand the whole lease / PCP / subscription thing.  A car depreciates, so why would you borrow money to use one?  I might be wrong (almost certainly!) but I always pay cash for my cars.  If I dont have the cash, I can't afford it.  What am I missing?

Ski Kid 16 June 2018

you are right

If you do not have the cash to buy a certain value x  car  you can't really afford it,it is best to save up and not waste money on high interest rates ,anythin gover 0.5% base rate to me is highas the banks pay you 0.01 didly _hit on investments balances.fair enough you need a car to start of life you may need to borrow or lease  pcp etc.But kamelo is quite correct you see many people driving cars  way above their true affordability.People need to invest in property and pensions as a more important priority than prestige cars. It is quite  often top show these days, fancy car crap house or no house syndrome. 

robhardyuk 15 June 2018

£100pm, £1000pm

Still a crap product.
fsizer 15 June 2018

Financial problems...

I think the only useful thing this comments thread has given, is an insight into how financially illiterate some of the Autocar readers are!