Models ranging from Mini 3dr to BMW 5 Series are on offer

BMW and Mini have launched a subscription service that rolls all the costs of car ownership into monthly instalments.

Payments, which start from £131 per week (equating to around £568 a month), include the costs of insurance and maintenance, as well as breakdown cover, as one bill.

Although BMW is the first major car maker to offer such a service in the UK market, it is not the first brand overall. Polestar, Volvo’s stand-alone performance division, will sell its cars exclusively this way.

BMW and Mini’s service is operated by car subscription company Drover and features several models from both brands. At the entry level is the Mini Cooper 3dr hatch and BMW 116d Sport, while the largest cars on offer include the BMW 5 Series and X3.

Customers can swap, upgrade or downgrade their cars at any time or cancel their contract altogether, with no finance-style long-term commitment or down payments. Chris Brownridge, BMW UK’s sales boss, said this puts the BMW group “at the forefront of such development”.

“Through [Drover’s] new subscription model, we are able to provide an even wider range of ways to access BMW and Mini vehicles for retail buyers to suit their changing requirements,” Brownridge said.

Drover founder and CEO Felix Leuschner said: “Our partnership brings together the latest and best in cars with a new model of ownership to give those demographics access to vehicles who might otherwise not purchase one, driving incremental revenue for BMW group UK."

This new system of ownership illustrates the fast-changing new car market, which in Britain is now dominated by personal contract purchase (PCP) finance. Many industry experts predict that the rise of autonomous vehicles will see this type of finance superseded by subscription services that give users access to car-sharing schemes.

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BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series' outstanding performance and handling makes it a complete and consummate all-rounder - but then the Jaguar XE and Alfa Romeo Guilia arrived

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9 April 2018

I dont understand who is this designed for? £568 per month (plus fuel) is a hell of a lot for a Mini for anyone who needs a vehicle mid/long term and anyone who needs one intermittently/short term will be better off hiring one.

9 April 2018

 Yeah, owning a Car outright might become a thing of the past,instead of Bank transfers it’ll be a monthly fee, going to be interesting to see who falls in behind......!

9 April 2018

So, this is basically the same as Peugeot's 'Just Add Fuel' but for people with a short attention span and deep pockets?

10 April 2018

Just Add Fuel is still a 36 month term PCP package that requires a deposit, mileage caps, and an optional final payment.  You still pay for insurance and servicing, but it is just a line on the totalled monthly payments...except you're paying interest on what is already an expensive way to buy insurance.

9 April 2018

....and nothing more. Hertz will be cheaper, the only advantage I can see is if you treat it as a try before you buy (extended test drive).

New method of car ownership, not at £6,800 for a Mini a year, oh and the Volvo/Polestar one (the XC40 as going to be on) looks like they dropped it in the UK was to have a minimum period of 2 years for £629 a month, I'll be surprized if polestar 1 only do subscription in a years time to!

9 April 2018

So lets say some chump already has a 3 series on a PCP at £250 per mth.

Add £60.00 a month fully comp insurance.

He is not really going to be doing much servicing etc for the first few years anyway?

So to drive the same car, it has nearly doubled?

I am puzzled by the rationale.

9 April 2018

...won't everyone want a 4x4 in winter, a soft top in summer and a minibus during the school holidays. And are the cars always new or effectively a rental fleet?

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