Currently reading: Hyundai Kona: small SUV all but revealed ahead of June debut
Fourth model in its maker's SUV line-up is charged with making Hyundai Europe’s leading Asian automotive brand; it'll cost about £15k
Sam Sheehan
2 mins read
30 May 2017

The Hyundai Kona small SUV has been shown in more detail by Hyundai, confirming that the model we spotted undisguised ahead of its official debut this June featured its final design.

Hyundai also announced that the Kona will get a head-up display - a first for Hyundai - with class leading display quality, the brand claims. A Hyundai spokesman was unable to confirm whether the system would be standard somewhere in the range or an optional extra, but it's likely that it'll feature only on higher-end models.

Another image posted on a Facebook page shows the car being filmed for what appears to be promotional footage, revealing its exterior design in full for the first time.

The car takes a new design direction from other Hyundai models with twin headlights and a cascading grille. The back looks to share some lines with the Tucson.

The new picture is the only sighting of the vehicle without covers. Earlier glimpses were of a development car that was under camouflage at the Nürburgring.

The Nissan Juke rival is due to launch next month and will be priced from about £15,000.

It'll be the fourth SUV in Hyundai's line-up and is charged with taking Europe by storm, as part of ambitions to make Hyundai the biggest Asian car maker in the market by 2021.


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It'll be built upon a structure shared with sister company Kia's Stonic which is also due at the Frankfurt motor show this September.

The Kona is described by Hyundai as a 'true SUV', suggesting it’ll have four-wheel drive and could share technology with the larger Hyundai Santa Fe. It'll be a global product, unlike the i30, and enters one of the most fiercely competitive markets in the industry.

Its true SUV ethos would contrast rivals such as the Juke and Kia Soul which are marketed with a more urban focus.

As part of Hyundai's European push, the Kona, which gets its name from a district in Hawaii, will be followed by 29 more new model variants.

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3 April 2017
Where, when spelled with a C instead of a K, is a very rude word indeed (hint: what else has 4 letters and starts with C?)

3 April 2017
Who cares what kona means in portugese? I don't think a company the size of Hyundai-Kia will be quaking in their boots for fear of lost business in a country whose entire gdp is probably smaller than their annual revenue. Portugal is small fry in the global auto market size pecking order so I doubt anyone at HQ be losing sleep over it. Next you'll be sniggering at a rude car name as spoken by street gangs in malta or albania.

3 April 2017
Well... seems that marketing guys don't know some countries... In Portugal, that name is the street name for the sexual organ of a women... so the Hyundai Kona in Portugal will be Kauai...

3 April 2017
If the Intrado concept is anything to go by, the Kona should have one of the stand-out designs in the B segment suv class, allowing Hyundai to pick up where it left off in the style stakes with the likes of the previous gen i30, i40 and the Tucson. At any rate, nothing can outdo the Nissan Ju(o)ke when it comes to defining automotive hideousness, save for perhaps the latest Prius so any new model entering this segment is assured of not coming dead last in the looks contest.
If the Kona drives decently there's no reason why it shouldn't sell very well in Europe.

3 April 2017
Indeed, I think that it could be a quite risky name to give to a family car. It isn't the first product with that name. I have a Kona, in this case, a moutain bike. Great for jokes and conversation. Not as good to a SUV or to take the children to school. They might change the name because Portuguese is the 6 most spoken language in the world. But it could happen the same as the Mitsubishi Pajero, which changes to "Montero" in Spain (for what I know)

3 April 2017
What's all this fuss about Portugal? It's just a small country stuck on the periphery of Europe so I bet Hyundai won't give a s**t what the Portuguese think.

Besides, they don't buy many Hyundais anyway- so why bother?

3 April 2017
Mark, where are you from, with a name like that?

3 April 2017
Not only Portugal, but gallego in Spain also. A repeat of the infamous Mitsubishi Pajero which didn't translate too well in Spanish.
P.S. Don't mention the RR Silver Mist in German

4 April 2017
We aren't talking about a "small country stuck on the periphery of Europe". We are talking about a study by University of Leicester in 2012 where is written that are about 250 million people speaking this "small" language (Portuguese) around the world and I'm certain that most of them know what that word means.
Don't be like one of our last century rulers, "proud and lonely".

4 April 2017
If Hyundai decide to sell this car in Brazil maybe they'll give it a different name because the country has quite a large market.

But Portugal??? A country of only 10 million people and a GDP smaller than Hyundai-Kia's revenue? Are you having a laugh?

I don't mean to be rude but I bet the Koreans simply will not give a damn what the Portuguese think. However if the name means something rude in Spanish that's a different matter altogether and I'm sure Hyundai will then do something about it.


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