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Limited-run take on Hennessey's hardcore 'Exorcist' gets bespoke design cues and 883lb ft of torque

US-based Hennessey will produce a limited-run 'Exorcist' version of the Chevrolet Camaro to mark the firm’s 30-year anniversary, packing 1000bhp and 883lb ft.  

The Hennessey Exorcist 30th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro is priced from $135,000 (£97,000) and is marked out from the 'standard' Exorcist by bespoke commemorative badging and a unique red and black paint scheme. Each car will receive an individual build number, inscribed on the car’s chassis plate. 

The special-edition model gains the same upgraded supercharger, high-flow air induction system and custom camshaft as the stock Exorcist, along with its upgraded valve springs, intakes, lifters and pushrods. The car also receives a high-flow catalytic converter and an HPE engine management calibration over the standard Camaro. 

“The Exorcist is the epitome of the American muscle car and has the off-the-line performance to embarrass almost any car on the planet. We’ve been making fast cars faster since 1991, so our 30th Anniversary Exorcist pools all we know into one ferocious supercar slayer,” said John Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey.

Performance of the 1000bhp model is unchanged so it retains a 217mph top speed and 2.1sec sprint to 60mph. 

The special-edition model can be specified as a convertible or a coupé, with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. The firm says it's available to both US and worldwide customers. 

The 30 special-edition models will complete the brand’s 100-car production run of the Exorcist, which originally went on sale in 2017 as a rival to the Dodge Demon.


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Peter Cavellini 28 July 2021

How fast an a Car go?, a simple innocuous question,can your average Human( whatever that is) have reactions quick enough to realise the Car ,feel the G' force they have just been through?, it's getting boring easy in the last ten years to get seemingly impossible amounts of BHP from ICE and EV source, does this desire to go faster apply to road Cars?, no, no it doesn't for the above questions.

Just Saying 28 July 2021
Other manufacturers will follow with outrageous stats in my view.
It'll all be over before we know it.
Good bye my old combustion friend.
LateKnight 28 July 2021

I'm sure there will be buyers out there salivating at this, "Special edition?-take my money" It's just a 'marketing' car to help them sell more excorcist models. It even got them on the pages of Autocar.

0-60 in 2.1 seconds eh? Is that going downhill? Is there a disclaimer somewhere that that time is with warmed slicks and a treated drag strip because I would find it hard to believe this car doing 0-60 in under three seconds on any standard street surface & road legal tyres. No doubt the car is quick and for comparatively little money too, it just comes across to me as a little too one dimensional. Kudos to them though for still offering a manual transmission, I wonder if it was sourced from a truck ;-]