Currently reading: FV Frangivento to reveal 1000bhp hybrid hypercar next week
Newly established Italian brand will unveil the Asfanè DieciDieci in Turin on 30 May
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23 May 2019

Fledgling Italian car maker FV Frangivento is due to unveil the first production prototype of its debut hypercar – the Asfanè DieciDieci – on 30 May.

Though no details relating to performance figures have been released, the company has confirmed a hybrid powertrain consisting of a turbocharged petrol engine and two electric motors. An otherworldly-looking concept sketch has also been released.

The car’s name carries some meaning. Asfanè means ‘it can’t be done’ in Piedmontese dialect, implying the company has achieved the impossible in bringing the concept to reality. ‘DieciDieci’ means simply ‘TenTen’, which is the metric horsepower produced by the hybrid drive – or around 996bhp, which puts it close to the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar but behind the 1160bhp Aston Martin Valkyrie in terms of total power output.

FV Frangivento first revealed a concept of the car back at the 2016 Turin motor show, and referred to it as ‘a forerunner of high-performance hybrid and electric propulsion on an all-Italian platform’.

The company has been operating since 2015. Based in Moncalieri in Italy, the firm was created by entrepreneur Paolo Mancini and designer Giorgio Pirolo and receives financial support from Carlo Pirolo. The company also has some notable links to Italian automotive firms such as Pirelli, Sparco, Brembo and OZ Racing.

In addition to the car’s unveiling at the National Automobile Museum in Turin, the Asfanè DieciDieci will also mark Italian Republic Day with an appearance at the Italian Embassy in Monte Carlo on Sunday 2 June.

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23 May 2019


23 May 2019

How is 'ten ten' 1000?



23 May 2019

I actually think Autocar believe this is going to happen.

23 May 2019

 GO on then built it, yes it, it’ll be that exclusive, so often these wonder creations never get off the Board, it does look exciting, but but, it just won’t ever be seen, am I being cynical? or just honest....?

23 May 2019

You're being neither of those things, Peter.


23 May 2019

look at this thing it looks like one of them robotic mowers, as if this is going to happen. Not bothered if it does anyway, it will most likely be really expensive and extremely rare this car is so not for me!

23 May 2019
'Frangivento' translates as 'Breakwind'

Tell me, what are you driving, these days......?

24 May 2019

it's a big fart :-)

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