Currently reading: Ford Ranger Raptor to be trialled by UK police forces
Rugged pick-up targeted at rural pursuits, while new Focus ST Estate is also being considered as full-time police vehicle

The Ford Ranger Raptor and the Ford Focus ST estate are to be trialled by UK police forces and may be adopted as full-time police vehicles.

A modified version of the Raptor will be trialled by South Wales Police. While the Raptor’s 105mph top speed is unlikely to faze criminals, Ford claims the car has “more than enough” to keep up with law-breakers “making a getaway across gravel, mud and sand”. Fox shock absorbers and Baja desert race mode aim to improve the police’s ability to chase criminals across rural terrain.

The South Wales force is the only one trialling the Raptor for now. However, a Ford spokesman told Autocar that several “covert teams” have enquired about the vehicle and it expects more interest in the future. It added that it is “hopeful” that the Raptor will be adopted by police forces. “We are not just playing dress up,” Ford said, adding that the Raptor “is a very capable off-road vehicle”.

The Ford Focus ST estate will be tested by a police force in Cumbria. With a 155mph top speed, Ford hopes the estate will help the police capture criminals on the roads. The cars are produced by Ford’s Special Vehicle Preparation team, with the full assortment of police hardware and software add-ons.


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Peter Cavellini 28 November 2019

Bigger budget...?

 Where the Police going to, assuming they like it, find the money to buy them?