The best new car deals to be found this week: BMW X5, Volvo V40, Skoda Yeti, BMW 5 Series, Ford S-Max

Our deal-hunting experts have been scouring online broker websites to find the best available discounts on new cars.

This week’s highlights include big savings on SUVs and saloons.

The executive saloon

The biggest saving of the week comes on the excellent BMW 5 Series, with online broker offering £7232 off the 525d SE. A new model is on the horizon to fight the recently revealed Jaguar XF, so prices on the soon to be replaced 5 Series are being driven down. With’s discount, you can pick up this model for £29,748.

The outgoing MPV

Ford is releasing new versions of its C-Max and S-Max MPVs this summer - you can read our C-Max review here - and internet broker has a saving of £2916 off list price on the outgoing Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCi 140 Zetec. That makes the seven-seat MPV yours for £21,379.

The safety-first hatchback

Volvo has long been renowned for its immaculate safety record, and the V40 hatchback continues that tradition. There’s more to it than airbags, though. It’s reliable and stylish and comes with a choice of good engines, and you can secure a hefty £3135 saving off the V40 2.0 D3 150 SE Nav model from, bringing the asking price down to £21,435.

The stylish saving

Skoda’s mid-life facelift on the Yeti resulted in the model splitting into City and Outdoor versions. For a £2293 saving on the outdoor-focused Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 110 Outdoor SE, visit to get this spacious, family-friendly crossover for £17,472.

Our Verdict


The X5 sticks to BMW's well-proven SUV formula, delivering a competent and refined off-roader – but one that's lacking the extra flourishes found in a Range Rover Sport or Porsche Cayenne Turbo

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The top-spec SUV

BMW’s M Sport trim comes generously equipped with big wheels, sports suspension, sports seats and sportier styling on top of the good amount of kit already on offer in the lower trims, but these extras don’t come cheap. However, head to and you can get £4476 off the all-wheel-drive BMW X5 xDrive25d in range-topping M Sport trim, meaning this versatile off-road SUV will cost just £46,269.

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19 January 2015
Just shows that the "buoyant" UK market has its price. If such deals are commonplace (nearly 25% of a 5-Series), then these marque's once cheap ralph lauren solid residuals will surely suffer.

9 February 2015
It's fun spotting the problems with this site isn't it?


19 January 2015
....that BMW has been one of the biggest discounters in 2014 with huge 'giveaway' bonus's for the Dealers, plus a larger portion of their regular mark-up given away too.....this is what happens when you chase market share in an effort to stay ahead of Audi!
Not too sure what effect this will have on residual values too!!!
Friend of mine saved over £23k off a big spec 6 series for example from a main Dealer.

19 January 2015
530d M Sport, any BMW salesman like to comment on the more than £10,000 discount? Is it the ususal internet dealer hype that doesn't exist in reality
As to the other discounts (except the golf) they're pretty much minimum what you'd expect face to face from the main dealer.

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

19 January 2015
All these deals are on German cars. Whatever happened to their so-called exclusivity? Time was when you couldn't get anything off a BMW or Merc, you had to join the waiting list. Seems they are suffering from over-supply just like the mass brands.

19 January 2015
Having bought too many cars in my time, I'd like to know about this myth 'rock solid residuals'. Can someone please explain what it means and which cars had 'rock solid residuals'? In my experience, new cars have always heavily depreciated, some worse than others. Worst car I ever bought in terms of residual value and overall running costs was a C-Class. I thought Mercedes were one of those 'rock solid residual' brands?

19 January 2015
.. the last visible comment on this story?

Sadly, I think I'm about two or three posts too early before page two singularly fails to appear.

Anyway Autocar, I trust the cheque in in the post from Angela Merkel?

  • If you want to know about a car, read a forum dedicated to it; that's a real 'long term test' . No manufacturer's warranty, no fleet managers servicing deals, no journalist's name to oil the wheels...

26 January 2015
All German,just about the most common second hand buy,you see lots of 08'09'10'plate cars on the road,great!

Peter Cavellini.

2 February 2015
Ah, the well known German car markets Ford and Volvo!!??

9 February 2015
those comments are from a previous version.

Another gremlin in the site.


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