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Land Rover's design boss wants to introduce a continual design improvement process and more Evoque derivatives

The Range Rover Evoque is likely to usher in a new style of updating cars for Land Rover, according to design boss Gerry McGovern.

Speaking at the New York motor show, McGovern said he was trying to change the established practice of introducing mid-life product updates for a process of continual improvement.

"With the Evoque in particular, I don't want to be in a position where I have to change the front end for the sake of it," said McGovern.

"We have to keep it fresh, but that doesn't mean changing the design necessarily, it could mean offering different finishes, materials, technology and so on, in a series of updates when they become available."

McGovern also confirmed a need to keep the Evoque relevant by launching new derivatives. Although he played down the likelihood of the Evoque cabrio concept making production imminently, he suggested a hot version of the baby SUV was likely.

"It's about picking the derivative that will have the most impact," he said. " It's true that we have more ideas than capacity, so it's important to focus on what meets our ambitions best."


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Orangewheels 28 March 2013

Gerry McGovern?

I thought it was Victoria Beckham that designed the Evoque?

she must have plenty of time on her hands now Becks has moved to PSG and is also off being an ambassador for Chinese football, so it would make sense that she can come out will all these updates...

Adrian987 27 March 2013

Click here for latest update

Maybe with increasing use of electronics, the car equivalent of the App Store is not far away? I would love to be able to download and try some alternative shift programs for my auto 'box. 

Randy Cam 27 March 2013


I think Project Khan has beat you too this one!