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New trim levels, lower starting prices

The Chrysler 300C range has been revamped and is on display at today's Detroit motor show.

The 300C will now be available in four trim levels: SE, SR, SRT and SRT-8. The first three are mated to a 215bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine with 376lb ft of torque, while the SRT-8 is coupled to a 425bhp 6.1-litre V8 petrol with 420lb ft of torque.

See revised Chrysler 300C photos in Detroit

The entry-level SE will cost from £23,995 - £3605 less than the current base model, although equipment levels differ.

The SE has leather trimmed seats, stability control, anti-lock brakes, front, rear and side-curtain airbags, heated front seats, dual zone climate control, ambient lighting, front fog lamps and front and rear parking sensors as standard. Other kit includes Xenon headlamps, rain-sensing wipers and 18-inch alloys.

SR trim starts from £24,995 and adds auto-dimming rear view mirrors, an upgraded sound system, sat-nav and Bluetooth.

SRT costs from £27,995 and adds body coloured mirrors and door handles, chrome detailing, wheel arch extensions, 20-inch alloys, sports seats and carbonfibre interior details.

The SRT-8 costs from £41,795 - £1200 more than late 2009 figures, with the lower VAT rate - and has uprated brakes, a powered sunroof, plus tuned steering and suspension.

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giulivo 11 January 2010

Re: Chrysler 300C range revised

The Hemi is a "traditional" single camshaft, pushrod operated, two-valve-per-cylindre design, much like your Corvette or Bentley. The hemispherical combustion chambers (hence the name) allow for slightly bigger valves, but still it cannot be expected to "breathe" like a four-valve design like AMG's very modern V8. Moreover, it cannot be fitted with variable timing and the pushrods limit engine speed due to their inertia.

Therefore, similar HP per litre cannot be achieved, unless you add a turbo or other supercharger (as in the Corvette ZR1, which by the way has titanium pushrods).

On the other hand, it is much more compact than a similar capacity modern 4ohc design. Just as an example, Bentley's now 50-year-old 6.75 litre engine could fit in the Arnage's engine compartment in the same space as BMW's 4.5 4OHC V8.

HyundaiSmoke 5 January 2010

Re: Chrysler 300C range revised

A More Rakish (interior and Exterior) Next Generation: i10, i20, i30 with-

1. i10 getting a more premium interior with a 1. 0 GDI, a 0.8L Turbo, and 1.2 GDI .

2. i20 getting a 6 speed tranny with 1.2 GDI and 1.4 GDI, and a 1.4 GDI Turbo.

3. i30 getting a 6 speed tranny wuth 1.6 GDI, 2.0 GDI, and a 2.0 GDI Turbo.

would impress even you guys.

That's the Euro plan coming up.

Hyundai is going for the Acura meets Honda Look on its coming small car interiors in the US, so I see them meeting Vauxhall and Cadillac halfway in Europe too. That would be caled, copying Opel.

HyundaiSmoke 5 January 2010

Re: Chrysler 300C range revised

Hyundai Motor America is doing a Lincoln-Mercury type strategy. Genesis stuff on top and the Hyundai stuff as Filler between Genesis Products and KIA. Hey, they got an old Ford guy there in Krafcik, so its seems quite coincidental.

1. KIA: Styling-Sporty/Cheap and Cheerful. Soul=Archetype Product. Competitors: Chevy, Toyota, Scion, Ford, Dodge. (Goal- to be the most relable brand on the Planet)

2. Hyundai: Styling- Aspirational/Passionate and Athletic Provide a Near Luxury Experience at affordable pricing, providing the power of cross-shopping between Luxury and Economy brands. New Sonata=Archetype Product, which Inside Line says is a superior product to Regal. New Sonata on paper does make the Regal look like a Joke, and a waste of that extra $3K you have to dish out get into a Regal. Competitors: (Buick, Volvo, VW, Mercury, Toyota, Subaru, Chrysler, MINI, Honda, Acura) Inside Line also says you can cross shop between Acura RDX and Honda CR-V on Tuscon, as it fits nicely right in between. (Goal-To force the Global Near Luxury Segments be serious about Fuel economy by being the worlds most fuel efficient brand.)

3. Genesis Division products: Classic and Athletic Provide a Benz-like experience at Bargain pricing. Genesis Sedan=Archetype Product. (Goal-Undercut BMW, Benz, and Cadilac)

Hyundai's long term European Goal=Be the new Volvo, but 20 tmes more fuel efficient.