New trim levels, lower starting prices
11 January 2010

The Chrysler 300C range has been revamped and is on display at today's Detroit motor show.

The 300C will now be available in four trim levels: SE, SR, SRT and SRT-8. The first three are mated to a 215bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine with 376lb ft of torque, while the SRT-8 is coupled to a 425bhp 6.1-litre V8 petrol with 420lb ft of torque.

See revised Chrysler 300C photos in Detroit

The entry-level SE will cost from £23,995 - £3605 less than the current base model, although equipment levels differ.

The SE has leather trimmed seats, stability control, anti-lock brakes, front, rear and side-curtain airbags, heated front seats, dual zone climate control, ambient lighting, front fog lamps and front and rear parking sensors as standard. Other kit includes Xenon headlamps, rain-sensing wipers and 18-inch alloys.

SR trim starts from £24,995 and adds auto-dimming rear view mirrors, an upgraded sound system, sat-nav and Bluetooth.

SRT costs from £27,995 and adds body coloured mirrors and door handles, chrome detailing, wheel arch extensions, 20-inch alloys, sports seats and carbonfibre interior details.

The SRT-8 costs from £41,795 - £1200 more than late 2009 figures, with the lower VAT rate - and has uprated brakes, a powered sunroof, plus tuned steering and suspension.

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Our Verdict

Chrysler 300C

Can this reworked exec saloon take the fight to Europe’s finest?

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1 January 2010

24K is amazing value, especially as most prices are going upwards at a silly rate at present. Shame the V8 is so expensive though. It probably costs less to make than the diesel! If this is what Chrysler can be under Fiat control i expect great things for them.

1 January 2010

^^ +1 !

Cracking Value! I bet compared to Fords price hikes these days you are almost paying that much for a similar specked Mondeo, perhaps even more!

Sure, it doesnt handle like the latest E-class and 5 series, but it has 100x more visual impact at a much lower price!

1 January 2010

Dear Fiat or Chrysler whatever. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear no matter how hard you try. So dismal is merely cheap and dismal now.

1 January 2010

From next month you'll be able buy a fully loaded Skoda Superb Estate for the same money that will be better to drive, better built and you wont look a pratt!

1 January 2010

Great price unfortunately the resale value after 3 years will still be horrendous and the bargain basement new price compared to other cars is reflected with its poor interior handling and seats that are designed for mcdonalds loving americans! i have never seen a car with such poor plastics except for dodge but then its the same company! some people have the cheek to say its like a bentley (i hope this is only with the exterior) and anyway i thought chrysler was pulling out of the uk? can anyone shed any light on this one

1 January 2010

[quote weenedonpetrol]From next month you'll be able buy a fully loaded Skoda Superb Estate for the same money that will be better to drive, better built and you wont look a pratt![/quote]

Oh yes you will !!! A Skoda does make you look like a prat... That fact that it is a better car than the Chrysler hardly comes into it.

1 January 2010

I really dislike these, its butt ugly and totally out of place in Europe. It needs to be so cheap as it won't stand up against the establishment on merit. Finally how do they manage to get so little power out of so much displacement? Merc are getting over well 500bhp out of thier 6.2 litre V8. Most Kia's have better bhp/litre figures.

1 January 2010

Am almost ashamed to admit this but there's something about the 300C I really like. (Probably helps that I've never driven one.)

"Woke up this morning got ma self a gun"

1 January 2010

[quote FriendlyFisherman]Finally how do they manage to get so little power out of so much displacement[/quote]

Sort of Ironic really since the 300c uses a Mercedes Diesel engine - the same one found in the E-Class and ML etc.

And as for teh petrol:

425BHP out of a 6.1 is impressive, especially considering it costs far less than a Mercedes. But nevertheless, the 6.1 Hemi is soon being replaced with a 6.4L Hemi developing 510 Bhp.

Having driven one, the 300c is a very nice car - would take one any day over the boring German comparison. THe materials in the revised interior are actually pretty good - especially considering the price. And a awesome entertainment unit. Would prefer a 300c and £10K in my pocket than a 5 series anyday! no questions asked.

1 January 2010

[quote fhp11]

[quote FriendlyFisherman]Finally how do they manage to get so little power out of so much displacement[/quote]

425BHP out of a 6.1 is impressive,


No its not, its the same BHP per litre as an Aygo.

As for the sooner have a rubbish car and keep 10k in your pocket, well that logic applies to every car. You might as well have a Tata Nano and keep 20k in your pocket.


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