Details of a VW Jetta-based coupe, which will be on show later today at the Detroit motor show, leak
11 January 2010

Volkswagen’s New Compact Coupe (NCC) has leaked out ahead of its official launch later today at the Detroit motor show.

Reports claim the Jetta-based coupe is a hybrid, with power coming from a 148bhp, 177lb ft version of VW’s 1.4-litre TSI engine and a 27bhp electric motor. The motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries and the NCC is able to run for short distances on short journeys only.

VW New Compact Coupé leaked pics

The reports also claim the NCC’s CO2 emissions are just 98g/km and it can achieve more than 50mpg. Top speed is reportedly 141mph, with 0-62mph taking 8.6secs.

The Tungsten Silver Metallic NCC show car comes equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels and LED lights at the front and rear. The interior is finished in Grigio Quartz and Berry White leather.

The NCC is reportedly 4540mm long, 1780mm wide and 141mm high. According to the reports, the car is tipped to make production within the next two years.

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11 January 2010

That is a fantastic looking car, in my opinion.

Front end clearly inspired by the new Polo (and probably the Golf MK7) and the back is very similar to the Audi A5 coupe.

Very desirable. Let's hope they price it correctly, as VW's UK prices seem to be getting silly at the moment.

11 January 2010

A very handsome looking car but then I always thought the previous Jetta was pretty good looking in the flesh. Like the new Focus, the saloon version is better looking than the hatch.

Shame it will most likely be over priced like all VW's as I would def have this over the Golf.

Highly unlikely to be made but i think an R version of this would look fantastic!

11 January 2010

[quote Autocar]CO2 emissions are just 98g/km and it can achieve more than 50mpg. [/quote]

70mpg, from that CO2 figure.

should take the limelight from the Focus' launch today.

11 January 2010

Very nice. I think a Jetta coupe will be very popular in America, & I think could sit nicely in VWs range in Europe, priced a little higher than the Scirocco.

Will the Jetta saloon be getting a similar restyle? If so it will be a very handsome saloon.

currently a happy owner of a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin :)

11 January 2010

So they'll be positioning it as a junior Audi A5 then? Probably a smart move. But only 141mm tall? To paraphrase Derek Zoolander "What is this - a car for ants???"

11 January 2010

Not sure what the purpose of this new design is.They don't sell the scirroco stateside in case it eats into the GTI's sales. Surely this coupe will do the same and it still looks worse. VW wanted to show more than the concept car they had in LA so I suppose this shows they are thinking hybrid with real world cars. Also it will gain more press as its not just another boring hybrid. Big change from the dead boring Jetta. However note that the Jetta sells bucketloads in the US (they like boots) and also have a rep there of being economical (one of the few selling diesel/TDI) and Yanks think it has a good euro driving manners so its sells ok. This allows them to use the Jetta name to gain more sales and Diesel is still a niche so if you want to be green you need a hybrid stateside.

11 January 2010

yawn...grafting a Polo front end and an A5 rear to a non-descript middle does not a coupe make. No doubbt it will sell, especially well in US where the Jetta is THE choice with college students.

How many variants can VAG make using the same lines/features? If it comes over here, it will probably be priced £2k above the comparable Golf which puts it in 'premium' territory, I'm not convinced Europe (German badge obsessed UK apart) will fall for it.

11 January 2010

Now that's a coupe Volkswagen, it makes the Scirocco look even more like a 3 door Golf, and the 3 door Golf look even more pointless!

Very elegant car, should sell by the tonne in America, hopefully we'll get it too...

11 January 2010

Hang on, so you've got now got the Jetta Coupe which is a coupe saloon Golf, the Scirocco, which is a coupe hatchback Golf, the Eos which is a coupe/cabriolet Golf and the 3-door Golf, which is like a taller Scirocco. Is it because they can?

11 January 2010

Looks like a baby A5?


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