Well, here’s an enormous saloon that some owners believe is improved with the addition of a Bentley badge and grille. You never know, they may well have a point. Essentially, this is a motor with character plus a ton or two of standard equipment.

A Mercedes-Benz E-Class-sourced CRD diesel is the sensible choice as it will deliver mid-30s economy and will pull like a train, meaning it’s fairly nippy in a colossal way and will tow 2000kg, which is impressive. However, if mileage isn’t an issue, there is a fairly underwhelming V6 petrol that might get you into a ULEZ or two. But if you want to show off, then the SRT-8 with the 6.2-litre Hemi is an outstandingly silly but historically significant lump for less cash than you probably thought. It comes with a boot that is big enough for a couple of tubas at 504 litres, and if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s a rather charmingly large estate version, better known as the Touring.

The Touring has a great big tailgate that lifts part of the roof for excellent access, and there’s useful extra storage under its high floor. Just in case you wondered, the boot is 630 litres, or, if you fold the seats, 1602 litres. Both the saloon and estate were revamped a bit in 2008 with a spruced-up interior and then made slightly blander in 2012, but they’re finished to a high standard.

Overall, they have proved to be decently reliable. Diesel electronic throttle sensor failure, oil leaks and starter motors are the major worries. The heating and ventilation system can play up, so check it all works. Being a big barge, wear and tear on the brakes, tyres and suspension can be considerable, so bushes can wear and calipers seize . Still fancy that budget Bentley?

Ones we found

02 Chysyler 300c srt front quarter